100%love (MATSH) Episode 4

Episode 4
Ishaani and Ranveer keep on seeing each other while Nethra comes in and says bhayya meet my friend Ishaani . Ranveer comes back into his senses and smiles at Ishaani and says Ishaani is also my friend
Nethra says what how will she be your friend she is my best friend
Ranveer says my dear sister I became her friend yesterday itself after I saved her in the park , Nethra interrupts and says u saved her yesterday and she saved me today from beatings, Ranveer jerks at once and asks beatings while Nethra explains what happened in the class and how Ishaani saved her.

Ranveer looks at Ishaani and says thank you Ishaani you saved my sister ,
Ishaani smiles and says come on Ranveer no thanks between friends ok
U are my friend come on give me a hi5 and gives her hand for a hi5 Ranveer also gives her a hi5 and says double hi5 because I am a friend of your bhayya too…
Nethra says wow to Ishaani and explains ur bhayya and my bhayya are friends and we both are friends I am happy today
The clock strikes 7 and Ishaani panics and says Nethra I need to go home soon I have dance class at 7.30 .
Ranveer asks dance class , Ishaani replies yes Ranveer I am learning dance for half an hour daily as I love to dance and music classes on weekends
Nethra says is it I also want to learn Ishaani
Ishaani says well then from tommo come to my home and we both will learn dance together
Gauri comes In The middle of the talk and asks who will accompany her to your home in the night , Ishaani turns and shouts “Ranveer ”
Ranveer asks” me I have to study how will I leave my studies and come to your house ”
Ishaani says Ranveer bring all your books and study with my bhayya at least if he studies with you he will get good marks no

Ranveer turns to see his mom , she nods her head and says ok then Ranveer will accompany Nethra to your house.
There is a car horn and Nethra says Ishaani your car has come she rushes out saying bye Bye to Ranveer and Nethra when suddenly her hair clip falls on Ranveer’s feet.
Ranveer takes the hair clip and tries to call and give it to Ishaani only to see the car going out of the gate.
Ranveer holds the hair clip and says it’s very beautiful as you Ishaani.
Let me hide it as your memory and takes the hair clip to his room and puts in a box and places it inside his wardrobe
The next day Ranveer gets ready to school along with Nethra only to see his aunt’s daughter and son coming inside dressed in the same school uniform as Ranveer and Nethra.
Riddhima says hi Ranveer how are you ,Ranveer says I am fine …
while Rahul comes and gives a hand shake and says I am your senior Ranveer and looks at Nethra and says Chotta girl how are you ? Nethra says I am fine ..
Kailash comes out and sees both of them and says Riddhima and Rahul u came home they say mama ji we thought as its first day of school we will go with Ranveer and Nethra. Dad will come and pick us up in the evening so no worries mama ji….
They all leave together in the taxi..

In Ishaani home
Ishaani says papa I am late to school and calls bhayya it’s already late come soon
They see the gate opening only to see their uncle’s car coming inside and car stops
And their uncle gets down the car with taran and dhanya
Taran sees Ishaani and says oh my beautiful cousin Ishaani how are you ? Rishi comes in middle and says she is fine how are you , dhanya comes and says Rishi you are so much grown up Rishi says yes as years pass by people grow up only.
Parmesh rao interrupts and says Rishi Taran and Dhanya have joined in your school only so I ll take all of you in the car let’s go. Harsha nanda says no actually Ishaani always comes with me only bhaai ji so u take Taran and Dhanya I ll drop Ishaani and Rishi in the school and go straight to office
Parmesh rao nods his head and they leave in the car
While Ishaani and Rishi get into papa’s car and start to school

Precap: In the lunch break when Nethra and Ishaani were eating ,Riddhima and Dhanya come and tease Nethra and Ishaani… Riddhima pushes Ishaani down Ranveer watches this and rushes to Ishaani and turns furious against Riddhima

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  1. Really superb dr,its like a film dr..i think ridhima loves ranvi and taran loves ishani im future,is it crctna dr..when ishveer grown up dr,waiting for their young age activities,.keep going dr

    1. Yeah sathya dear but I have some other plans for taran and Riddhima you will see it soon after some childhood romance scenes…hope u liked it
      I uploaded the episode in morning now only it is updated?

  2. Really ur ff gonna be rocking dr,u r such a awesome writer,even shveer small age interestimg tis muchna sure their young age became rocking,superb dr

  3. nice ff sis

  4. Its awesome dr. And waiting 4 precape portion. Its superb ff keerthi.

  5. Superb dr.and agree with sathya l am also thinking that.now I want their young age scenes.ur ff is very interesting dr.


    I loved it Keerthi dear…just silent love of Ranveer…..how romantic he is small but an intelligent guy…….love it yaar……

  7. So cute of ranveer,,,,and really superb ya,,,

  8. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    so nice yaar . i think so sathya.v i love this ff . nice na continue it

  9. Mariya(miss you ishveer)

    Woww nice waiting for next.

  10. Sathya,Prince, praveena,sana,dhruva,shruthi,vyshu,mariya
    Thanks dears I have already uploaded the next episode and I am posting my comment it’s taking time says comment is still in moderation I don’t know what’s happening

  11. muahhhhh…. loved it

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