100% love (MATSH) Episode 25


Episode 25
Keshav is shocked to know that aarushi has asked for date rape drug and she can pay how much amount he wants……The lab staff disagrees suddenly he watches keshav standing at the door while keshav waves hands and tells him to give the drug …the lab staff nods his head and gives the drug for her……while aarushi turns back to head towards the door keshav takes hamsaa into the nearby room….hamsaa panics and says my brother is in trouble keshav call to my brother and tell this …while keshav says I will have to tell Ranveer first and calls ranveer and informs what happened in the lab…..ranveer panics and starts from the office to meet rishi……….
Ishaani comes in front of ranveer and asks what’s the hurry where are you going..?
Ranveer says I will call you and says take care of the office and rushes out of the office gets into his car and drives fast….

He tries to call Rishi but he never picks up he calls Nethra and asks where is rishi is he gone somewhere or going somewhere? While nethra says no bhayya he has gone for a meeting in hotel paradise with an international client …ranveer asks what about the secretary,nethra says she gone to pick up some documents for meeting and she will straight away reach the hotel…ranveer says ok and puts the phone down …..nethra wonders what happened to bhayya and decides to call ishaani and asks her why was ranveer tensed while ishaani says I don’t know but he was in a hurry ….nethra do one thing I will come and pick u from office we both will go to hotel paradise ..nethra says ok…ishaani cuts the call and takes her car and drives fast to pick up nethra…..
Ranveer reaches the hotel and storms into the reception asking about rishi while the receptionist says suite no 102 and ranveer runs to find Rishi’s room…..he knocks the door while rishi comes and opens the door and asks ranveer what are you doing here ?

While ranveer watches the room and asks where is your secretary while rishi says she has not come still she is on her way…..while ranveer locks the door and describes what keshav told him…rishi gets the shock of life and says thank you u saved me else I would have been a victim of that drug and hugs ranveer. While ranveer says it’s ok but make sure aarushi doesn’t realize that u have doubt on her ….rishi says yes and they hear a knock at the door they think it’s aarushi and ranveer opens the door to find ishaani and nethra standing at the doorstep…he brings them in and asks them to leave from there as soon as possible…while ishaani questions him the reason and until he reveals the real truth she is not leaving the room….ranveer reveals everything……nethra hugs rishi and cries while rishi says I will be alright but u both have to leave now…I have to know the real reason why she needed the drug and what’s her motive so everyone of you leave now….nethra says I am not leaving you while ranveer says let she be with you I will take ishaani home…….

rishi says ok let nethra stay with me you both leave …..ranveer takes ishaani with him and they take the car and leave the hotel…..
Ranveer drops ishaani home seeing her face dull he accompanies her inside while sirisha welcomes ranveer home….ranveer takes ishaani to her room and makes her comfortable….ishaani watches ranveer and says ranveer I am getting worried now why this is happening only to us …..we did not do any harm for anybody……our love is creating problem for us…..and starts to cry while ranveer comes near her and holds her face up and says ishaani I am there na I will rectify everything ….until I am there there will not be any problem for you…believe me I can take care of my family and if u cry like this I may become weak……ur my strength and weakness only if ur strong I can overcome all these problems and he starts to cry while ishaani wipes off his tears and says no I will not cry I am sorry and hugs him……while ranveer pats her back and says I have to tell you one thing regarding what happened in the office in the morning during that client meeting ishaani looks at him puzzled…..she says ranveer ……

ranveer says ishaani shikhar called me after finishing the legal works and narrates the whole conversation between him and shikhar ….ishaani is astonished and says ranveer my fear is increasing day by day and starts to panic ranveer tries to calm her down but nothing happens and ishaani keeps on speaking while ranveer kisses her and they share a lip lock ……ranveer leaves ishaani after few minutes and says stop panicking I will take care of everything ….eventhough u know everything behave that you don’t know anything in front of aashirya until shikhar gives the report…..ishaani nods her head …ranveer says let me start home and heads to leave and turns to see ishaani comes near her and hugs her and says please smile…..ur smile is my tonic to happiness…ishaani says ok and smiles while ranveer leaves home…….

Aarushi is shocked to see nethra hugging rishi in the suite room…..she storms inside and says meeting is going to start sir…..rishi says my wife will also accompany me to the meeting….Shikhar gets the report from the detective team about aashirya and aarushi and they are working for someone who wants to seperate ranveer ishaani and nethra rishi…..

Credit to: Keerthi

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  1. i felt a great relief after seeing ur ff….welcome back…pls try to update everyday…..by the way very nice story

    1. Thanks prince dear


    Wow dear….thanks for this update is super duper yaar….just amazing….

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  3. nice epi.

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  4. Thnx for… this update keerthi dr….. its Amazing….dr !!
    loved it….!!

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  5. Tk. kavippriya

    Guys what any the url rate of stupid kasam serial

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    It was amazing episode keerthi dr.

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  7. Thank u for update …keerthi dr … nice episode dr ….

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  8. arham(a soul of shadika)

    ohh keerthu supr dupr..lip lock scene just amazing yaar..and the precap waiting for tat..and one doubt dr..her name is aarushi r aaruhi yaa..

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  9. Wow superb dr.ishveer scenes are mindblowing i hv no words to praise u superb dr

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    ya ur pic is super and i am waiting 4 this epi . so nice waiting 4 next . love it

    1. Thanks rookie dear yeah I will upload Tommo dear mind not good today ….

  11. Superb amazing keerthi dear. Waiting for next dr.

    1. Ll write mariya dear soon

  12. Nice keerthi as today is my last day to comment I thought to even tells you all thank you for trusting me now due to continues crying my eyes are burning and again want to say to ff writers that God has given you such a creative brain and may God bless you and your family…

    1. Thank you tanvee sorry I am not in a mood to comment also I am feeling pain after seeing shakti’s lifeless face dear so don’t take me wrong I was angry on ur cousin but not anymore

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    vry nyc dr..gud going..rly missing matsh badly @ 10pm 🙁 bt nw lill happy tat gt 1 nyc shw to watch ek duje k vaste on Sony Tv…♥

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