100% love (MATSH) Episode 24


Episode 24
Shikhar is sitting in his office thinking about ranveer’s secretary while tanisi comes inside noticing shikhar not in his senses goes near shikhar and calls shikhar….shikhar on seeing tanisi says so when did you come baby? I did not see you was thinking about something….tanisi holds shikhar’ hands and says what is the problem which is hitting ur head tell me maybe this doctor can help you with your problem……shikhar gets up and hugs tanisi and says definitely because ur ranveer’s sister definitely u can assist me with this problem which is creating headache in me ……tanisi asks tell me shikhar…..shikhar narrates the incident happened in Ishaani’s cabin and says I have a doubt on aashirya I don’t feel she is good maybe she can create some problems for ishaani and ranveer……

Tanisi says if you feel so then y don’t u employ ur team of detectives to go for security check of ranveer bhayya and Rishi’s office staff members…..
Shikhar is surprised and says tanisi as soon as you finish ur doctor degree please join as my partner in law firm i may be the legal advisor for ranveer and Rishi’s company but ur my personal advisor and smiles at her and kisses her on her cheeks …tanisi shies away and says let me leave to home now and runs out of his cabin……

Shikhar calls for his detective team and says to check out for ranveer’s office employees and have a check on Rishi’s office employees…
The detective teams says we will be on that work sir and within two days we will tell you everything u need…..shikhar says one problem is over but I have to inform ranveer and ishaani about this and I should inform the same to nethra and rishi too……they are my best friends and my to be relatives also so I have to inform them and picks the phone and dials ranveer while ranveer is in the cabin dictating a letter for a client to aashirya he sees his phone and picks up seeing shikhar’ name displaying on the screen picks up and says bolo bhaai….wat a surprise how are you ?shikhar says he is fine and tells about the incident and about a background check of all ur employees …ranveer looks at aashirya and thinks so when will I get the result shikhar says within two days ..shikhar says until then I want you to be careful I will call rishi and say about it u have to inform ishaani as well but after u go home not in the office because aashirya should not know about this…Ranveer says achha I will take care …ll tell tanisi about this and puts the phone down……

Aashirya asks sir can we go on with the letter …ranveer says sure and finishes dictating letter and says finish it fast and give it to my wife once my wife approves I will sign it and calls Ishaani on the intercom and says about the letter approval..ishaani says ok you send me I will see and send you back………As soon as aashirya leaves ranveer’s cabin ranveer thinks about the incident happened and ishaani getting angry on him and feels this is not good as soon as I go home I should tell about it to ishaani……

Rishi is on his way to a meeting along with his secretary aarushi when he meets keshav on the road…he stops the car and comes and greets keshav and asks how his profession is going on ..keshav says fine rishi so where are you going rishi says to a meeting while keshav asks how’s nethra rishi says my wifey is all fine and laughs …keshav notices aarushi who is looking very angry at rishi…..keshav thinks something is wrong with her and he says rishi I will meet u later and says I have a important operation to attend and leaves in the car…..he reaches his hospital and finishes the operation successfully and he spots hamsaa in the hospital he greets her and asks wat a surprise and takes her to the cabin and asks wat a surprise my dearie has visited me in the hospital …hamsaa says actually your hospital has all the chemicals no I want one chemical solution from your lab …keshav says this is it u could have called me I would have send it to u y did u come to get this…..hamsaa says no my dear it is a chance for meeting for my love…..and puts her hands on keshav’s shoulders while keshav says ok ok don’t make me get tempted and says so let’s go the lab and takes her to the lab ……before entering they hear noises of someone speaking while keshav peeps in to see aarushi speaking to the lab staff.keshav overhears the conversation of Rishi’s secretary arushi and the lab staff ….. He and hamsaa get shocked listening to their conversation…..


Keshav is shocked to know that aarushi has asked for date rape drug and she can pay how much amount he wants…….hamsaa says my brother is in trouble keshav call to my brother and tell this …while keshav calls ranveer and informs what happened in the lab…..ranveer panics and starts from the office to meet rishi……….

Credit to: Keerthi

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