100% love (MATSH) Episode 23


Episode 23
It’s a dark room two woman enter inside….four people are there sitting in the chair….they hand over ranveer and Rishi’s photographs to the two girls and say this is your target we will tell you what to do ,we will keep instructing and you have to do it for which you will be paid…..the two woman say your job will be done soon and leave from there ….the four persons laugh together and say now we will see the lovebirds suffer…..slow and steady we will win this race…….
Ishaani after finishing her graduation has joined in Ranveer’s company …while nethra has joined in Rishi’s company….. Days go on while ranveer hires a lady secretary to take care of ishaani’s work ……

They have an international client meeting…..shikhar who has become the best lawyer in city is the personal legal advisor for ranveer …..ishaani and shikhar discuss about the legal works in the cabin ….while the secretary aashirya comes inside and gives her a file and says ranveer sir asked for a sign from you mam…..ishaani says fine and checks the file and signs the papers and gives it to her…….aashirya gives romantic looks to shikhar while shikhar who notices this says if ur work is done you can leave from here……ishaani looks at shikhar and asks if he is fine he says yes……the secretary leaves to ranveer’s room…..shikhar thinks I do feel something is wrong about her have to find out if everything is fine ……takes leave from ishaani after giving the legal papers ……

Ishaani takes the papers inside and thinks about knocking the door and thinks he is my ranveer let me go inside and opens the door and gets shocked at the sight as ranveer is holding aashirya on his arms ….watching this ishaani fumes inside and looks at ranveer with angry looks while ranveer fumbles and says ishaani I can explain while ishaani says what u want to explain I did not expect to see a scene like this ……while ranveer leaves the secretary and comes forward while ishaani leaves the room ,secretary says I am sorry sir …ranveer gives looks and rushes out of the room and enters into Ishaani’s room…..

Aashirya says “ishaani this is the start as the days pass by u ll see how I will seperate both of you” and messages to someone saying mission started…….
Ranveer enters inside Ishaani’s room and locks the room and comes near to her….ishaani turns back while ranveer hugs from the back while ishaani says leave me while ranveer says oh my god this much anger …I never knew my wife can show this much anger …..ishaani says oh is it what were you doing with her …..ranveer says what I was doing she gave me the file which u signed I was standing suddenly she fainted so I held her in my arms ….that tym my darling wifey entered and got angry and looks at her while ishaani says I got angry because I cannot tolerate anyone near you ranveer and hugs him….ranveer says ishaani I am the luckiest now my wife is becoming so much possessive on me I am happy and comes nearer and says but I am angry you suspected me no…ishaani says sorry ranveer ….he says ok I will accept your sorry if you give me a sorry kiss …ishaani says ok and kisses his cheeks …

ranveer says is this the way to kiss your husband …ishaani says yes ranveer says if u give me lip kiss only I will accept your sorry…ishaani says no no not in the office Ranveer shows sad faces and goes near the door while ishaani holds his arms and comes near him and kisses him….they share some intimate moments and lip lock and stay as such for few minutes while ishaani comes back to her senses and says ok you have to leave now…ranveer says no no I cannot leave you….ishaani says ranveer it’s office and ur one notorious cat so go we have a meeting to attend and says shikhar has given the legal opinion for the upcoming project so let’s have a look at it…
Ranveer says ok madam let’s see the legal file while ishaani says so sweet and kisses him on his forehead……

After seeing the file they both come out of their cabin and they enter into ranveer’s cabin cracking jokes ….aashirya who watches this thinks what is this how did they not fight with each other….so I have to plan something again to create rift between these two…..

Shikhar calls for his detective team and says to check out for ranveer’s office employees and have a check on Rishi’s office employees……keshav overhears the conversation of Rishi’s secretary arushi to one of his fellow lab staff……

Credit to: Keerthi

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  1. Keerthi dr it was fantabulous.
    dr…Hope this could happen in real dr…. so lovingly episode …



    Keerthi yaar……no word…….to express.my smile after reading the ff……..loved it from depth of my heart yaar….!!!!!

  3. Really superb yaar,,,,u r mind blowing,,,,

  4. Woww nice episode dear & ishveer part is mos marvelous.

  5. Most marvelous. Nice

  6. Really fantabulous…. Loved it…. Awesome

  7. Keerthi dr ishveer scenes r out of the world dr …i want this type of scenes on matsh 2 dr …

  8. my dear KEERTHI sis pls don’t separate ISHVEER

  9. Superb keerthi dr. I just love your ff.

  10. Omg what an episode its just marvalous dr.basically i liie possesiveness between lovers.in mariya dr ff also ranvee possssive on ish and here ish possssive on ranvee.its awesome dr.no words superb superb ..superbbbbbbbbbbbb drs.u amd mariya give treat to us

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Marvelous episode keerthi dr.

  12. Vyshu,dhruva,shruthi,mariya,Julina,raji,prince,sweetie pie,sathya,ranvi,sana
    Thanks for all your comments dear …. Could not reply soon as u was writing ff and from night the biggest and sweet surprise and the happiest moment of my life after seeing shakti’s Wikipedia stating radhika madan as his partner I was flying only ….its been a day but still no objection from shakti or radz dat means their love life is out in the open and it’s confirmed that they are in deep love love u shakti and radz God please unite them soon

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