100% love (MATSH) Episode 22


Episode 22
Ranveer says thanks ishaani I am happy and have the confidence when you are near me …..ishaani says that’s my ranveer one day you will become a successful person and kisses him on his forehead…..she says ok then let me leave tommo I have semester exams let me prepare for that, ranveer says sure you have to leave now I will call you later …….

Shikhar in his home keeps on thinking about Tanisi……he thinks what’s happening to me I am not able to concentrate on anything …he walks here and there in his room….he thinks no I have to call tanisi ….he tries to call tanisi but it is busy …..at the same time tanisi is also trying to call shikhar……being busy she disconnects the call…..shikhar says ok this is the last tym and tries her number ,Tanisi picks the call shikhar says hi tanisi how are you ,tanisi says I am fine shikhar says I need to speak to you personally tanisi says ok but where he says I will meet u at the coffee shop tommo evening 6 …tanisi says ok and cuts the call……shikhar says ok I will clear everything tommo ……

Next day shikhar meets tanisi in coffee shop…….tanisi is beautifully dressed in pink colour salwar suit shikhar is not able to take his eyes off from her……..tanisi says shikhar shikhar comes back to his senses and says yes I am sorry…….tanisi says u wanted to speak to me so I came ,shikhar says yes and says tanisi for the past few days I am not able to concentrate on anything something is stopping me I feel I am in love with a girl but I don’t know if she also feels the same,tanisi holds his hands and says u really love that girl shikhar,shikhar sees tanisi and says yes I love u so much tanisi I don’t know y but since I met u I am not able to see any other girl will u accept me ……tanisi says definitely but u have to wait until I finish my college ok for u ..shikhar says definitely……

Rishi’s company is one among the top construction company in Mumbai with he becoming popular and one of the finest businessman…..Ranveer’s company becomes successfull and within two years his company comes in top ten best companies list….. He is awarded the best entrepreneur of the year ,he comes to the receive the award and they host ask him to speak few words about his successful career……ranveer’s family and Ishaani’s family is also present in the award ceremony……ranveer picks the mike and says well the person behind my success is my ishaani ….when a person’s personal life is happy he automatically focuses on his professional life and becomes successful….I was a normal middle class guy and a average student until I met ishaani,I fell in love with her I took an oath that I will provide all happiness and comfort care security to my love so I studied really hard and came out with flying colors…she was the inspiration behind my success….so I would like to give this award to my ishaani and calls her on stage……ishaani hesitates while gauri sends her to the stage ……ranveer gives the award to ishaani ,she gets tears and hugs him….everyone get up and give a loud applause and claps hands………

While the award function is going on in television it is been watched by four persons and they say ranveer,rishi,ishaani,nethra all your happy days are getting doomed soon we are coming back with a better revenge…….

shikhar becomes best lawyer in Mumbai and he falls in love with tanisi……. While keshav falls for hamsaa and they all become very close to ranveer’s family and Ishaani’s family…..
Sirisha and gauri who are going to temple together think that now it’s time for making our children to unite ……let’s speak with harsha and kailash and we will finish their marriage soon gauri…… Gauri says yes we will finalize their marriage soon ……

Ranveer’s secretary tries to come close to ranveer which is being watched by ishaani and she fumes and comes inside the conference room……..

Credit to: keerthi

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  1. Keerthi great writing and imagination skills… And BCL started on 6th March,hence Shakti might be busy.. dont worry take care….

    1. Thanks dear

  2. Superb dear,,,,,really ur writing skill is awesome,,,,

    1. Thanks shruthi

  3. Keerthi dr just awesome dr.superb superb and superb dr.no words ,u r professional writer.precap is awesome,oh ishani get jelous oh ots superb i like tis kind of romance a lot so iam wqiting for next epi so.pps pls update soon dr.and dr when our shadika expose their love dr

    1. Thanks sathya dear

  4. Superb awesome keerthi dear. Waiting for next dear.

  5. Keerthi sathya vyshu raji & all ishveer lovers dear I think shakti is busy with his new show & bcl match shouting so pl dears don’t take so much tension . & god will help us definitely.

    1. Yeah dear I also feel the same …. But one thing I can see from shakti he is missing radz so much he is not able to see her closeness with another guy dats sure from his reactions


    Keerthi yaar what do I say……everything is useless behind this….loved it from core of my heart and specially ishveer part….

    1. Thanks dhruva dear….. ?☺️?☺️?

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb keerthi dr.waiting for precap.
    Take care dr.

    1. Thanks sana dear

  8. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    its too good☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. ??????

  9. very fantastic but don’t separate ISHVEER

    1. No no not at all prince dear

  10. wow…. Amazing episode ….dr !!!

    I tottaly … enjoyed dr….!!!

    Love u dr …???????

    1. Thanks vyshu dear

  11. Keerthi dr i have no words to explain dr …..precap is superb …ishu is jealous superb dr …

    1. Thanks raji dear I am writing next episode now only dear

  12. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    suppeeerrr dear continue it dear precap sounds interesting . shakti cant she radi with an another so nice to hear this

    1. Rookey dear I uploaded it’s taking tym dear

  13. Hi k33rthi… Am a sil3nt r3ad3r…. But ur ff on ishv33r mad3 m3 to giv3 a comment on ur writing skill…. y3w r just simply sup3rrrrrrrrb!!!!!! ?????

  14. Pl3as3 do updat3 sOOooooooon

    1. I updated dear it’s taking tym

  15. Please update the next epi soon……

    1. Updated ishu dear it’s taking tym????

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