100% love (MATSH) Episode 20

Episode 20
Ishaani and ranveer are served dinner by their grandmom …..they both finish eating…..while the grandmother receives a phone call from a land broker for her to come soon to vijayawada to finish off the deal else the palm sugar factory may go to someone else ,she says sure I will be there in the morning……
She comes to ishaani and ranveer and says I will have to leave to vijayawada will be back tommo,ishaani and ranveer says ok dadima… She rushes to get her bag packed and starts off in the car…..ishaani and ranveer come inside after sending her off……while ranveer reaches his room ,the servant maid stops ishaani and says madam I have kept milk for you both on the table I will come tommo morning ,ishaani says fine u can leave home now as soon as servant leaves she locks the house ,comes inside takes the milk glass and reaches ranveer’s room to see it is locked ….she knocks the door and ranveer opens the door ……Ranveer watching ishaani with milk glass in hand smiles and says welcome ….ishaani comes inside and keeps the glass on the table and turn to see ranveer locking the door and coming near to her…..
She tries to move front while ranveer stops her ….she sees ranveer and asks
What are you doing ranveer let me go ….

Ranveer holds her hands and kisses her hands while ishaani jerks and runs away…..ranveer goes back of her and hugs her from the back…..
Ishaani says I know ur a notorious cat….but I will not allow you to come near me …….ranveer says is it u know what a cat will do when it’s locked inside the room and turns to see her face and holds her tightly……she says ranveer u are making me nervous move na….. Ranveer says no not at all ur my wife now and I am your husband now …..I can never stay away from you …..he holds Ishaani’s face and kisses on her cheeks , ishaani shies away by closing her eyes.. While ranveer lifts her head up and says…..
Actually today is our wedding night ishaani……..u know how much happy I am the girl who I have seen grow along with me, laugh along with me, who was my best friend , and the girl who I love more than myself is now near me and she is fully mine now as she has become my wife ,my better half,my life…..I feel that I am the most luckiest person on this earth …….today I will promise you that I won’t let anyone to harm you, I will reach heights of success and I will provide the love and warmth and support u got from your parents……I will make u live like a queen by providing all luxury for you…..suddenly ishaani places fingers on his mouth and says ranveer I am so happy today…..when u are near me I don’t need anything else our love is beyond everything and hugs him tightly……..

Ranveer says is it and kisses her and they both share a lip lock when suddenly the power goes off…..ishaani says the power went off and rushes out to get candles she brings in candles and lights up the candles …..Ranveer comes back of her and hugs her and lifts her up and takes her to the bed and makes her lie down …….he watches her forehead sweating so he brings tissue and wipes off her sweat…..
He turns to leave while ishaani holds his hands and pulls him in …….they have some intimate moments …..and finally consummate the marriage …….
Early morning when power comes in ranveer wakes up to see ishaani sleeping near him, he keeps on admiring her and says to himself ishaani I am the happiest person and the luckiest person as I got you in my life I promise I will not allow any harm to come your way….I want you to be happy and smiling as you are now……kisses her forehead and switches the ac and covers ishaani with a blanket and leaves to the restroom….he finishes his bath and goes to the kitchen and makes coffee and sandwich for both of them and takes the tray to the room….
He wakes up ishaani…..ishaani seeing ranveer holding the tray,jerks and wakes up immediately and says why are you doing this ranveer I am there no I am your wife I will do all these works not you, ranveer holds her and says ishaani please go and freshen up and come …….there is not a compulsory rule that only wife should do all these cooking works for husbands……even husbands can do all these works and how will I let my dear wife to strain herself in the morning so u go and freshen up first……ishaani comes after taking bath …..both have their coffee and sandwich …..

Years pass by with Ranveer and Rishi passing out from IIT , ranveer along with ishaani opens up a software company naming it as cygnitrix software solutions…
Ranveer holds Ishaani’s hands and says I want to become a successful person and I will not allow you to suffer any day…….

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  1. very very very nice mam………..i feel very happy when i read ur ff

    1. Thank you prince dear☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  2. Awesome dear… those ranveer words… mindblowing….. keep it up

    1. Thanks dear☺️☺️

  3. keerthi ..dr mindblowing epi …
    it happens shadika real life dr… iam the happiest person in the world….!! ????????????☺☺☺☺☺☺

    Lovey Dovey enjoy the shadika intimacy scenes….
    ? ( shadika )

    professional writter keerthi dr…. i want to say i want give a tight hug dr….

    1. Thanks vyshu dear….☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ I am also praying for the same dear…….???

  4. Keerthi i like ur writing skills dr .

    Its attract me dr….hope our shadhika feel the happiness in their life dr…

    1. Definitely dear destiny is way more powerful than anything……till yesterday I was not sure whether shakti loved Radz but when I knew that his love at first sight was Radz I felt happy and thought now it’s Radz turn to tell him that she also loves him a lot…….some previous birth connection should be there between both of them dear else their lives would not have been crossed with each other……..I am praying lord shiva for shadhika only he ll definitely do some twists and turns in their life and bring them together

  5. Adorable!!!! ?????

    1. Thank you ranvi dear…..☺️☺️☺️

  6. Superb waitingg fr the next epi…❤

    1. Writing now only ishu dear….ll upload soon

  7. Plz continue nice..!

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode keerthi dr.keep rocking.

    1. Thanks sana dear…..?????

  9. Ya kerthi dr u r right lord shiva only do this magic dr ….

    1. Yeah raji dear I cried a lot on shivratri how many nights I was worried and crying but after shivratri when I saw ranaji’s ff and the interview of shakti I thought shivji answered to my prayers I was asking like if there is no connection between them y did I feel that shakti loved Radz y did u join them together in MATSH ,y did all fans want them to become real life jodi and he gave me the answer via tanvee that shakti fell in love with radz then I understood now that shakti has confessed openly its for Radz now to realize and to go to shakti……definitely shivji will unite them else if they were not destined Radz should have gone to usa for dancing profession and shakti should have got married ……I will pray from now on that this jodi should become one in real life……night tym I only think about them …..

  10. Nice marvelous episode dear. keep going on.

  11. Waiting for next dear.

    1. Thanks dear??????writing dear so how is ur health now ur fine?

      1. Ya dear I am fine now.

  12. awesome

    1. Thanks dear….

    1. Thank you riya dear….

  13. Keerthi dr i am angry with u becoz how many times i praise u dr here after i dnt hv a word to praise ur writingm.u r unbeleivable dr.no words at all.and the writing way are south indian touchna sr so that its became traditional as well as romantic dr.oh god i just imagine with shadika wow superb superb superb

    1. Sathya dear y dear ur angry……I am very happy for the past two days but slight depression again after seeing MATSH members in Radz brother wedding and not shakti……did u see that interview of shakti dear where he told he loved Radz….I am confused now

  14. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)


  15. Keerthi dr iam not getting angry on u its Just one kind of affection dr.and dr ya mee too saw that pic all matsh cast attend radz bro mrge but shakti was missing.I dnt know abt that video dr only tanvee told abt that interview

    1. Ok ok dear but I was somewhat happy but again feeling depressed


    Keerthi dear…I knew after reading that news you definitely gonna continue it….missed u and your ff soo much yaar….sorry I read…all episodes but didn’t commented…..just one comment…..but happy that u and you ff are back……
    And how is your health dear ??? I read you were hospitalised……

    1. I am fine dhruva dear but again I am feeling depressed after seeing shakthi’s Twitter status……but anyway I will write the ff….

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