100% love (MATSH) Episode 19


Episode 19
As taran tries to tie the mangalsutra around ishaani’s neck Ranveer goes back of taran and gives a blow on his head ,taran shouts and falls down while ranveer picks up the mangalsutra , he removes the ropes of Ishaani’s hands and frees her she hugs and cries while ranveer says it’s ok while taran wakes up to see ranveer , ranveer says so you are back to your senses I should thank you for setting this Mandap u yourself have arranged for our wedding actually I wanted to have a private wedding away from my friends and family in a temple in rajamundhry because this place is where our love started and then marry ishaani again in presence of my family so thanks to you….. you are going to watch our wedding ,he looks at ishaani she smiles at him ,he takes the mangalsutra in his hands and ties it around Ishaani’s neck…..when suddenly rain starts to pour…Ishaani says we have got the blessings of God ranveer ……I think God wanted us to marry at this time and this day …..Ranveer touches ishaani and says yes and takes the sindoor and applies on her forehead ……

Ishaani’s eyes well up ……taran seeing all this is heartbroken he tries to take an iron rod to hit ranveer……suddenly someone push him down he turns to see his grandmother standing there, he gets up and says grandma only to receive a slap from her……she says shut up and get out from this place else I will have to hand over you to the police……taran stands silently and gets out from there……

Meanwhile nethra who is still crying is inconsolable….she pleads rishi to marry her else this incident would only repeat…..Rishi watches her and thinks whatever is the consequence I will marry nethra now else I would have to lose her …..he looks at the mangalsutra and ties the mangalsutra around nethra’s neck……… He immediately says lets go home we should inform about this to our parents…..nethra nods her head and says yes….they both come out of the mandir and take the car only to drive back home……
Ishaani runs and falls on her grandmothers feet while she lifts her up and says…..actually as soon as marriage is over both of the bride and groom have to get blessings together u are no more single and winks at ranveer…ranveer comes in front and says I am sorry dadima….and both of them get blessings from her…..she blesses them both and says ” u know one thing ishaani I got married when I was 17 years ur mother got married at the same age and u also got married at the same age…..this is wat I call as generations …….ranveer smiles at ishaani and keeps on looking at her suddenly grandma coughs and says ” ur romantic looks please keep it aside we have to go home and inform ur parents ……
Ranveer and ishaani get sad faces and look upon each other…….
Rishi and nethra reach home and inform their parents about the incident happened in the mandir…..every one is shocked at first but they all come back to senses….
Sirisha breaks the ice by saying I am so happy to have nethra as my daughter in law and holds gauri’s hands and says we already thought about this no so let’s wait till they finish their studies and then we will do a grand wedding of them along with ishaani and ranveer ……nethra runs and hugs sirisha and says thank you maa….. Sirisha kisses her forehead and says now u have become sister in law for ishaani…..

Suddenly rishi says maa ishaani ….. And tries to pick up the phone to make a call while they all hear the landline phone ringing ….sirisha picks the call while Ishaani’s grandmother narrates what happened here and sirisha tells how rishi married nethra ……grandmom says ok let ishaani and ranveer stay here for few days and then I will send them back…..sirisha says ok mom and places the receiver down…..she comes smiling and says what happened …..Harsha says so my daughters savior in childhood is her husband now ……kailash says yes but let them finish their education and get a job of their own then we will do their wedding in a grand manner …..harsha nanda says as u wish let it happen…..and turns to rishi and nethra and says until then u both have to wait…..both of them smile and run inside different rooms …….
Sirisha and Gauri turn to see each other and tell lets cook the best dishes today and we will go to the mandir today ……we have to pray for the happiness of our children and both head into the kitchen……

Harsha stands worried and is lost in his thoughts while kailash asks what happened ,harsha says I am really worried about taran and rahul what if they both haunt our daughters’ s lives again ……kailash says we have to do something but we will sort it out…….stay cool and happy …….

Night time after dinner is over ishaani takes milk for ranveer and knocks Ranveer’s room only for him to open the door……Ranveer watching ishaani with milk glass in hand smiles and says welcome ….ishaani comes inside and keeps the glass on the table and turns to see ranveer locking the door and coming near to her………

Credit to: keerthi

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow wow wow.what will say? No words dr.
    Love u keerthi dr……
    U r superb.
    Waiting for precap.it was awesome.

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      And also ur coverpic was superb dr.like it.

    2. Thanks sana dear yeah I am writing it dear ….ll update soon dear……

  2. Woooww..Hats off to your ff!!.sooo superbb!! ???❤ ? waiting for the next epi…please post it soon! ?

    1. Thanks riya dear …. Yeah I am writing ll upload it soon dear…….

  3. Woooww..Hats off to your ff!!.sooo superb..please post The next update soon! ?

  4. What an ff !! Hats off too ?

    1. Thanks ranvi ??

  5. Keerthi…. dr…

    Amazing epi …. now married ur ff…. i want shadika married real…. then iam become vry happy..



    1. Lol but he already got engaged to neha!! ?

      1. We have hope….ishveer dear…….
        Hope God will unite them in real

  6. thanks alot keerthi mam……..u r more than fantastic……..i always pray to the almigty ALLAH to make SHADHIKA together

  7. Keerthi keerhi ….wow dr its totally mindblowing …
    .no words to explain dr ….

    1. Thanks raji dear……I uploaded next ff also….read and enjoy…….

  8. Thanks prince dear….definitely I also pray for them daily

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  10. Woww very very nice dear . you are mind blowing dear. no words to describe

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  11. Wow awesome episode dr.oh i just imagine with shadika oh superb

  12. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)


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