100% love (MATSH) Episode 18


Episode 18
Ishaani and ranveer both reach Ishaani’s grandmother home after welcoming them inside grandmother says both of them to freshen up and come …ishaani and ranveer both go to their respective rooms and they get ready and come to the dining table …..
They are being served food both of them eat ….

Ishaani says I am feeling sleepy let me sleep for sometym ranveer then we’ll go to the mango forest ranveer says no problem we ll go to forest later ….so u go and take rest…..he picks up a story book and starts to sit in the swing and read the book he also sleeps as such……
Rishi and Nethra are on their way to Taj Mahal ,they explore the beauty of Taj Mahal and take pictures and they keep walking near the Yamuna river it is evening they feel that they have to leave to the hotel room and start coming back when rishi observes four man coming their way they pass by rishi, rishi senses something is wrong and tries to turn when he hears a blow on his head and he falls down with blood oozing out , nethra starts to cry for help and tries to fight back the guys but they spray chloroform on her face and she faints immediately the guys carry her away…….

Meanwhile ranveer and ishaani go to the mango forest , ranveer says catch me if you can and runs inside the forest while ishaani says definitely u ll get caught by me and chases him ….suddenly she is stopped by three men and they close ishaani’s mouth and take her away….. Ishaani who was wearing bangles removes each bangle and puts it down while the men take her away…ranveer turns back and says see ishaani u couldn’t catch me ,only to get shocked by not seeing ishaani in the forest …..ranveer feels something is wrong and runs back to see ishaani not there and he notices the place to have foot marks of more than one or three persons and turns to see ishaani’s bangle he goes in the direction of her bangles picks up each and every bangle and proceeds outside of the forest only to see the place heading to a temple…..

Rishi wakes up and seeing nethra missing tries to call ranveer but it says not reachable , he gets tensed something is wrong there and calls Ishaani’s number which also is not reachable and he thinks nethra where are you I will not allow any harm to come to you….
He sees his phone when suddenly he thinks that he had installed nethra number in location finder app and activates it to see where is nethra’s phone travelling and he finds out that the number is in a nearby mandir…..he immediately calls police and informs about the incident and he rushes to the mandir……

Ranveer reaches the temple only to see ishaani dressed in a saree wearing a flower mala in her neck and three ladies drag her forcibly to the Mandap……ranveer watches the mangalsutra in the Mandap takes a wooden stick from nearby tree and gives a hit on the bodyguards guarding the Mandap puts all the three guys as such and nears the Mandap…..he sees the ladies going inside the store room he runs and locks the room from outside …he thinks ishaani I will definitely save you but I could not see who the groom is …..ishaani is sitting in the Mandap with her hands tied while ranveer gets shocked seeing taran in Sherwani and gets angry and says “I will not spare you anymore” …while taran picks up the mangalsutra and ishaani starts to cry ….taran takes the mangalsutra near to Ishaani’s neck ……

Rishi reaches the mandir only to see the police arriving there they all rush inside the mandir to see nethra still fainted and one lady holding her head in the Mandap while rahul takes the mangalsutra while police inspector holds his hands and arrests him along with the ladies only for the mangalsutra to fall down in Rishi’s hands…. He wakes up nethra by sprinkling water on her face she comes to senses and wakes up, seeing rishi she starts to hug him and cry while rishi watches the mangalsutra in his hands……

Ranveer goes back of taran and gives a blow on his head ,taran shouts and falls down while ranveer picks up the mangalsutra and ties it around ishaani….Rishi ties the mangalsutra around nethra’s neck

Credit to: keerthi

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  1. i thought u won’t update anymore……….but i feel relief after seeing this episode

    1. I did not want to write only dear but I was happy after reading shakthi’s interview that he loved Radz at first sight I became happy and after watching his dull face in krishnadasi serial Anita on referring to a aradhya as Chotta packet bada dhamakka shakti’s face became sad then I understood he misses Radz so much so I thought to write again dear……little happiness is there now for me

  2. Keerthi dr wow u r awesome dr.and thanks i really miss urs and mariya ff dr.u r professional dr.and thanks for making tis epi long dr.i love u so much ,and ir pic is awesome dr.and one req pls always post shadika offscreen pic like tis dr

    1. Sure Sathya dear…I ll do it ….little happy after shakti interview will become fully happy with their marriage only

  3. When tis marriage happen real in shadika life of god

  4. Wow …. suuperb ..dr…!!

    Awesome epi ….!!


    ? ? ?? ??☺☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Thanks vyshu dear????????

  5. Woww keerthi dear you are write you ff your amazing writer & nice nice episode dear.

    1. Mariya dear I am waiting for ur ff dear…..

  6. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    its too good…I have a task for ishveerians…just explain the matsh’s track or story of those days by seeing that coverpic of radhika’s ff in six or less sentences…….

    Do it if u can

    1. Thanks ishurv dear

  7. & your cover pic is awesome dear

    1. Take rest mariya dear……don’t strain too much……

      1. Thanks keerthi dear sure tomorrow I will write my ff . my head is little bit paining & I have got specs . don’t worry dear I am fine. & also you take care of your health dear.

    2. Sure mariya dear I am happy now after reading shakti loves radz I feel my worries my pains everything is not appearing big for me now……I am praying that radz should confess her love soon and both of them become real life couple soon

      1. Ya sure keerthi dear our wish will become come true soon dear they become real life partners.

    1. Thanks ranvi dear

  8. superb epi.

    1. Thanks inu dear?


    I knew Keerthi dear….that after the news given by Anna you’ll definitely gonna update…..I’m soo happy dear…….and ya dear….HAPPY WOMENS DAY…..your ffs are just amazing from starting….and now ishveer gonna be married…..but what will be their families reaction……hence they want them to be together then also……….But no worries you will bring the best to us……..

    1. Yeah dhruva dear I am so happy after reading that news till last week I was very angry on shakti that he was doing all these nok Jokh chemistry all because of serial trp but as soon as I read the news in ranaji’s ff I was flying only I really cried a lot even yesterday but early morning after shivratri was over I opened ff to see this news ….I was very happy I know lord shiva will never leave me sad he gave me the best happiness …….hope Radz comes to know about shakti’s interview and confess her love to him
      So I thought to write ff again as I am happy that shakti really fell in love with Radz….??????

  10. pls continue it…………don’t stop pls pls pls

    1. Sure prince dear I will not stop it….I am happy very happy finally shakti really loves radhika …….. So this is destiny hope Radz also confess openly

  11. osm dr..oh thnk god u r bck keerthi dr.. hope u r fyn na i ws searching ur ffs further epiz..dint found so i thot u lso stoppd writing..plz continue writing dr bcz juz luv ur ff n lso ths s d oly ff m following ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks shazna dear…. Was in hospital all these days dear ……they put me on drips as I was very weak and refused to eat depression crying all the tym ……now I am happy dear finally my eyes did not lie to me that I felt shakti really loved Radz that was true so I am so happy ……….I will surely continue to write dear….I am writing the next ff now will upload in the night and sleep ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

      1. Oh..take care dr n don take too mch stress..n 1 more thing abt shadika if thy met fr destind to b togthr thn no1 can stop tat dr..i hope ur wrds ll b true in future♥♥ if possible can u juz share tat interviews link here.

    2. Shazna dear I don’t have the link but below u can see vyshu has posted the interview details

  12. Really superb dear,,,I missed ur ff yaar,,,,,and ur cover pic is awesome,,,,

    1. Thanks shruthi dear….☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️I missed all of you in all these days

  13. Can you please tell me that, when did shakti arora gave his interview about ishani and where u guys are getting this updates…? Nice ff though??❤???☺???

    1. tanvee told it dear it was in e24 news 5 days ago…….I was flying in Happinesss only after reading all of this ……thanks dear…..

  14. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Wow superb keerthi dr.waited for ur and mariya’s ff.waiting for precap.

    1. Thanks sana dear……???????

    2. Thanks sana dear

  15. Kayathri (ranveer)

    guys can u say me wt Shakti told in interview pllllssss say me

    1. Interview wid shakti aora detail
      Quest: Feeling for ur co- star radhika madan aka ishani.

      Shakti: well she is vry childish nd naughty she always used to come in my room Arjun room…. or gautam room nd used to lock us in washroom or on set were we used to sit… she use to apply fevicol nd u can guess the rest….

      She is very innocent nd sometimes her in questions used to make us laugh

      Quest: u love neha no doubt but have you fallen in love again after neha

      Shakti : well after neha…. Yes its first sight love that to with my co- star radhika…

      Ques: Really…. great ok why ?

      Shakti: bcouz of her innocent, childish, cute, caring, religious, nd Yes naughty nature, in fact arjun aka shikar aslo crush on her …

      Quest: Did u propose her ?

      Shakti: well I released when i understood what is love nd decided to propose her on sep – 24 th when we were shooting for engagement scene that day she was looking like a angel…
      But i felt…. she may feel bad so i dropped the idea…

    2. Kayathri dear…vyshu has already given the details of interview…..

  16. Keerhi dr ur ff is interesting from the 1episode dr …

    1. Thanks raji dear……….☺️☺️☺️☺️

  17. Guys I think that you are improving your health after reading my interview comment for improving your health only I share the news with you all actually I am a silent reader and how you all were destroying your health I was literally crying but this news which I share with you all you are now healthy right please don’t destroy your health
    you all know that health is real wealth. And keerthi do nice and romantic ff take care

    1. Tanvee dear…. Are u sure u saw this interview of shakthi dear can u please tell us the link of the video dear unless I see I cannot be fully happy

  18. Kayathri (ranveer)

    thank u vyshu for ur info but one doubt did shakti broke up with neha?

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