100% love (MATSH) Episode 17

Episode 17
Months pass by while Ishaani and nethra finish their first semester and they get ten days holidays…Ishaani plans to go rajamundhry along with Ranveer….while nethra and rishi plan to go to Taj Mahal…Ishaani calls her grandmom about she and Ranveer coming to spend holiday there her grandmother gets excited and says I will be waiting for both of you ……Ranveer and Ishaani board the train to Hyderabad and they board into first ac….while rishi and nethra leave to Agra ……

Ranveer and Ishaani get into first ac compartment they see that it’s a coupe …..Ishaani feels nervous inside and thinks control Ishaani ……she says Ranveer do you remember the old memories ,Ranveer says I do remember everything how will I forget it Ishaani the days with you always stay in my memory as such ……they both say so let’s play chess ….They start to play chess ….time goes by when it’s time for dinner Ishaani says ok so let’s eat it’s already time and tells Ranveer to wash his hands and come she serves food for Ranveer and tells him to start eating…..
While Ranveer holds her hands ,Ishaani becomes nervous at once and says what Ranveer and stammers while Ranveer u remember everything during our first trip Ishaani says yes …..Ranveer says no u don’t remember anything Ishaani is shocked and says what?

Ranveer says if u remember everything u should have known that I did not eat with my own hands …..Ishaani says yes so u want me to feed u with my hands now? Ranveer says yes if u want me to eat do it else I won’t eat…..Ishaani says fine I will feed you and starts to make Ranveer while Ranveer teases Ishaani while taking each bite of food inside…..they share an eye lock when Ranveer wantedly kisses her fingers while eating …..As soon as Ranveer finishes eating Ishaani starts to eat while Ranveer takes the plate from her hand and feeds her …..Ishaani has tears in her eyes while Ranveer asks why are you crying Ishaani…is the food too spicy ,Ishaani says no Ranveer promise me that you will show me the same love till the end of our life…..if u stop loving me I will definitely not be alive after that moment……Ranveer keeps the plate aside wipes his hands in wet tissues and holds ishaani’s face and says if I should stop loving you then it should be like my heartbeat has stopped ……still this heart beats it will only love you Ishaani and not anyone and comes closer near Ishaani…….

Ishaani wakes up suddenly and says no move back and tries to move while Ranveer holds her and hugs her and says why should I leave my darling……I will never leave you till the day of my death……takes her to the seat and goes close near her face while Ishaani closes her eyes ….while Ranveer kisses her and they both share a lip lock and they stay as such only to come in senses when they hear thunderstorms …
Both get up at once ….Ishaani turns around while Ranveer comes in front of her hugs her and kisses her in the cheeks and says ” I love you” ……Ishaani holds ranveer’s hands and says do you remember when we enjoyed the rain for the first time….Ranveer says yes and they both come out of their coupe and go near the train door….. Ishaani puts her hand outside the train and splashes rain water on Ranveer while she tries to run Ranveer holds her and hugs her from the back…..
Gentle breeze comes in when they leave each other suddenly lightining and heavy thunderstorms comes while Ishaani hugs Ranveer tightly while Ranveer laughs and says still ur afraid of thunderstorms…..
Ishaani says yes and hugs him ….Ranveer says ok so let’s go to sleep it’s already late Ishaani……..Ishaani says ok I will sleep but only if u lift me up and take me to the coupe……Ranveer says sure my sweetypie and lifts her like a baby and takes her into the coupe….

Ranveer makes Ishaani to lie comfortably and covers her with the blanket ,he sits near her and makes her to sleep seeing Ishaani closing her eyes he switches off the light and gets up while Ishaani holds his hands and says u will not leave me Ranveer……
Ranveer comes back and says I will not leave u but u will sleep now my sweetheart and kisses on her forehead and makes her sleep…..
Ranveer sleeps in the opposite berth by seeing Ishaani…….Ranveer wakes up in the morning only to see Ishaani sleeping he gets coffee for her and then wakes her up ….
Go and freshen up ur self Ishaani I have got coffee for u ……
Ishaani freshens herself and comes and gets the coffee from Ranveer and both start drinking the coffee……they keep watching the scenery outside laughing and speaking..
The train reaches hyderabad station they both get down and get into the car send by ishaani’s grandmother to reach rajamundhry…….

Ishaani feels sleepy and sleeps on ranveer’s shoulders while Ranveer stay awake and keep looking at Ishaani…….they both reach the house while ishaani’s grandmother waits for them both and takes arthi for them both and welcomes them in ……

Ishaani runs in the mango forest chasing Ranveer while suddenly she is stopped by three men and they close ishaani’s mouth and take her away…..Rahul is attacked by some unknown persons and they take away nethra……..

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  1. very beautiful……..but don’t separate the lovebirds

    1. Sure dear…. Wait for some action sequences of ranveer and rishi

  2. Keerhi dr its rocking day byday dr

    1. Thanks raji dear

  3. Nice.. Waiting for ishveer’s marriage ???

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    Oho dear……its amazing……just lost in world of ishveer……..

    1. Thanks dhruva dear

  5. Nice keerthi dear
    Ishani feed ranveer with her hand nice dear

  6. Romantic …. Episode …loved so much … mind blowing mind blowing mindblowing mindblowing epi… ? dr

    Amazing ..?. nd Awesome nd fanastic… suuperb episode…dr

    ur creativity … imagination… suuperb ….

    No words to describe ur talent dr ….!!

    such a Amazing writter…

    ishveer scenes mindblowing… Dr ??

    thunderstorm part was suuperb…

    iam in spechless….dr

    i love ur work these fan fiction … dr

    Love u keerthi …. so much

    Muahh …????????????????? !!

    Yestr episode nd tday epi loved so much …

    We are all vry lucky for our… fan fiction …!!

    Dr … shadika are adorable couple na … dr …

    Missing them vry badly … our life is like a hell …!!

    when they together …. in real life…I am waiting for ystr nd today epi … in shadika real life want to see…!!

    for ur talent iam hatsoff….? ?

    1. Me too dear…..day and night I am thinking about them and praying to God for them to get United even in my sleep…wat will I do

  7. Amazingg

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  8. Update the next…?

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  9. Lovely. Update next

  10. Oh dr really u increased my heart beat..u added train seq oh thank u so much dr.its superb awesome no words to express my feelimgs,u r un beleivable dr..i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.,and dr in precap u wrote mistakenly the name rahul instead of rishi..i think so dr

    1. Yeah Sathya dear I wrote rishi only but I was typing in ipad automatic dictionary was enabled and I did not check another tym while copy pasting it?

  11. Very interesting ,,,,,

  12. Post the next episode sis ?

  13. Nice plz update next

  14. IshuRV(Pranjali)

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