100% love (MATSH) Episode 16

Episode 16
Days pass by with Ranveer and Rishi recovering from the accident and the friendship between shikhar and Ranveer increases as time goes by …..shikhar,keshav, Ranveer and rishi become the best of best buddies and they become so close to each other…
A year pass by the results for 12th standard are out Ishaani and nethra pass in distinction and they apply for IIT and get selected…..Ranveer is so happy as Ishaani is going to be in his eyesight all the time…..
It’s first day in IIT for Ishaani and nethra and they both enter the first year class…..
The lecturer comes in and says today is the first day so it’s freshers party today so all students start to the auditorium ur seniors are ready to give u all a party ….
Ishaani smiles and think Ranveer I will be seeing u now and along with all students she and nethra reach the auditorium….
Ishaani is dressed in a beautiful salwar suit …..
Many students are called on the stage and asked to show their talents and the party goes on when one guy calls ishaani’s name and calls her onstage and asks her what her talent is she replies”dance ” so the senior says ok then please give us a performance she says I will dance but I need a dance partner so the senior asks whom she says I would like to dance with Ranveer vaghela of 3yr IT…..everyone is surprised when the senior calls Ranveer vaghela everyone claps and Ranveer gets up and comes near Ishaani …..Ishaani gives her hand to Ranveer ,Ranveer kisses her hand…..both dance intimately for sun saathiya ……..

Everyone claps their hands and says awesome Ranveer and Ishaani ….
The senior comes near Ishaani and says so much chemistry u made this whole auditorium filled with love, Ishaani sees Ranveer and says when u dance with ur love chemistry automatically, Ranveer takes the mike and says we have been in love for almost 9 years and will always cherish our love …..

Everyone applause them so much when one guy comes with the flower bouquet and hands it over to Ranveer and says so we would like to see you proposing to ur ladylove
Ranveer says oh sure it’s a pleasure to propose my lady love and kneels down before Ishaani and takes a ring from his pocket and says Ishaani life before your entry was like normal day to day activities but the day when I met u in the park I felt a spark in me at that age I did not know what love was I only wanted to keep seeing u all the time….but I soon realized what love is when I missed u without seeing u for 10 days during ur ritu samskaram and from then my love keeps increasing Ishaani……I cannot see u in pain and I cannot imagine my life without u after u entered my life….my life has become a paradise in heaven ….will u be my better half for the rest of my life ……
Ishaani smiles with tears in her eyes and says “yes I do Ranveer” and gives her left hand to Ranveer while Ranveer puts the rings in ishaani’s finger and kisses her hands……
Everyone in the auditorium get up and claps hands…..
While rishi is overwhelmed and thinks my sister is the luckiest on this planet to get a guy like Ranveer ……
The party is over everyone goes to have refreshments while Ranveer rishi along with Ishaani and nethra keep laughing and speaking about the party……
They are all served with ice cream Ranveer brings ishaani’s fav black currant ice cream and feeds her with the spoon ….rishi and nethra smile and tease them saying lovebirds …..they all take photographs together along with other students and they all leave to home in the car…….

Ishaani and nethra finish their first semester and they get holiday for ten days so Ishaani plans to go rajamundhry along with Ranveer….while nethra and rishi plan to go to Taj Mahal…..Ranveer and Ishaani board the train to Hyderabad and they board into first ac….

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