100% love (MATSH) Episode 15

Episode 15
Ishaani holds nethra’s hands and says I feel something bad I am sure that it was not riddhima or Dhanya because they love Ranveer and rishi …..wat about taran and Rahul maybe they did this …nethra asks how do you feel so Ishaani says bhayya told me that they met them in rmc college symposium and narrates the incident to nethra ….nethra panics at once and says so what will we do now,Ishaani says we have to do something nethra but we cannot let anyone harm Ranveer and rishi…..

Shikhar watches them and hears all their conversation and feels so this is not an accident it’s a preplanned murder attempt…..I will never allow these lovebirds get seperated at any cost… All my life I have been flirting with girls never believed love but today after seeing them I feel love is beautiful …..
Ranveer and rishi are taken to ishaani’s house as Harsha nanda says to kailash let Ranveer be in our house till he recovers ,gauri agrees and nethra says then I will be with bhayya for which kailash smiles and agrees …..

Ranveer is taken care by Ishaani while nethra is with rishi taking utmost care of him…..
Ishaani on seeing Ranveer sleeping in bed goes near him holds his hands and says Ranveer my love for you is making u vulnerable and weak and u are suffering so much pain because of me …I am not able to concentrate on anything if I leave you and go hope u will not get any pain I can tolerate any pain but I cannot see u suffering and gets up while Ranveer holds ishaani’s hands and calls “Ishaani ” Ishaani turns back to see Ranveer crying Ranveer wakes up and says u feel that I will live happily without you I may die if u are not there with me Ishaani, my life without u has no meaning if I want any happiness by sacrificing u I don’t want that happiness also other than that I will definitely die if u think about sacrifice again think that I will not be alive after that moment…..promise me that u won’t even think about this again anything we will both face together ….

Ishaani cries and hugs Ranveer and says I am sorry Ranveer I will not think like this again …Ranveer wipes her tears and kisses her cheeks and says I love u till my last breath don’t think about seperation Ishaani….Ishaani kisses him back and says sure Ranveer….she says u sleep now I will go to church and come ,Ranveer says I will also come with you Ishaani says no Ranveer u take rest I will be back soon Ranveer says ok u take nethra with u …Ishaani says no Ranveer she is with rishi I will be back soon and leaves Ranveer and takes her Scooty and leaves to church …
After praying and lighting candles in the church Ishaani starts back home when entering into a residential road her Scooty tires get punctured …she gets down and feels oh my god how will I go home now…..
Meanwhile in ishaani’s house Ranveer feels pain in his heart he feels something is not good…he goes to rishi and says let me go to the church I feel Ishaani is in some danger rishi says let me come with you we both will go they call the driver to start the car and they come out of the house only to see Ishaani standing with shikhar ….

Ranveer and rishi are shocked to see shikhar with Ishaani and call him in while Ishaani runs inside crying ,Ranveer panics and asks shikhar what happened while shikhar narrates what happened….
As shikhar was coming back home after meeting his friend when he saw some guy misbehaving with Ishaani so he went near him and gave him a tight slap and took Ishaani with him in his car and brought her to home …
While asking Ishaani she said that her Scooty tyre got punctured so she was trying to stop any auto or call taxi to reach home, that is when her cousin taran came by his car and got down and came near Ishaani and told I will drop u home as Ishaani replied no I will go by auto itself he tried to be very forceful on her that’s when I saw Ishaani and brought her home….
Hearing this Ranveer and rishi both get angry and say we will not spare him today .while shikhar says Ranveer and rishi to calm down and says your actions may provoke taran more so leave it to me when time comes we will do something but not now and turns to Ranveer and says u first meet Ishaani she is very much disturbed …
Ranveer leaves to ishaani’s room to see her crying as soon as she sees Ranveer she cries and hugs him ,Ranveer asks her to calm down and concentrate on her studies now everything will be fine as soon as she enters his college…..Ishaani nods her head…..

Precap: Ishaani and nethra pass in distinction and enter into IIT as freshers ….it’s freshers day party Ishaani is called on stage and asked to dance she says I will dance but I need a dance partner and says I would like to dance with Ranveer vaghela of 3yr IT….Ranveer and Ishaani dance intimately for sun saathiya ……..

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  1. Precap is awesome dr..

    1. Thanks raji dear


    Wow dear what an love of my ishveer……..Ishani in pain Ranveer can feel it without knowing………and that idiot taran really deserves a slap……but a kick to him from me……….I love this update dear Keerthi……you’re marvelous……magnificent……… and just super duper amazing………

    1. Thanks dhruva dear

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So superb keerthi dr .ishveer scenes r awesome.love it.when ishu get in prblm rv’s heart paining.lovely.waiting for next.may be this is my last comment.my net pack over today and will not recharge because of my examination.l will come back after march.if I get chances I will come back before that.
    Will u update next today its self?

    1. Oh ok ok dear… I updated this episode in morning dear it only got updated in the afternoon I already uploaded the next episode dear still not updated….
      All the best for ur exams dear

  4. Awesome just loved it

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  5. Superb dr.precap is awesome,pps dr make next episode soon,oh i imagine each and every scene i fl happy dr.really now a days i have no words to describe ur story

    1. Thanks sathya dear I already uploaded it dear but it’s taking tym to get updated

  6. Keerthi dr one request pls post shadika’s offscreen pic in next episode dr pls

    1. Sure sathya dear I already posted their offscreen pic only

  7. mam u r so fabulous writer……..God bless u mam

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  8. Suuperb …. dr ishveer scenes vry emotional painful … dr

    I lved the way u r writing the story …
    keep going …

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