100% love (MATSH) Episode 14

Episode 14
Rishi takes leave from Ranveer and leaves to home….while Ranveer sits in the sofa and keeps thinking about the incident which happened in the college symposium and accident of Ishaani and nethra and feels I have to overcome all these problems , have to protect my Ishaani always will not allow anyone to harm her and goes inside….
Ishaani sits in the swing in the balcony while rishi enters and tells her about the incident that happened in college symposium and how taran and Rahul tried to put their name in stake,Ishaani gets up and says bhayya I am really worried , I love Ranveer and u love nethra but they both pestering you….Rishi says yes Ishaani I know but rather than worrying about us ,u have to be worried about ur self so from tommo u and nethra will go in car to the school and come back in the car until u both finish school and get placed in our college….
Ishaani says yes bhayya but u both be careful as Taran and Rahul may do any harm …..I know him from childhood he would go to any extent ,rishi says don’t worry u go and sleep now ….
Ishaani leaves to her room while Rishi thinks to himself hope no harm comes to nethra and Ishaani as both are the apple eyes for me……
Next day Ranveer and Rishi go to college and attend the classes and they return from the college in the car while they speak about classes and laugh they see a lorry coming to hit them Ranveer shouts Rishi,rishi who notices this turns the steering only for the car to get hit in the bus ….rishi and Ranveer are badly hurt and they lose their consciousness … A guy who was passing by in a car witnesses this accident and gets down along with his friend and comes near Ranveer and rishi calls for ambulance and takes them to the hospital nearby…..when Ranveer and rishi open their eyes they find themselves in the hospital and try to wake up while the guy comes near them and introduces his name as shikhar Mehra and is studying law in NMIMS COLLEGE OF LAW….
Ranveer says thank you you brought us on time and saved us ,shikhar says it’s ok just a timely help…suddenly another guy enters the room and asks shikhar so both are fine now what about informing their family ….shikhar says yeah we have to inform and the new guy introduces his name to be Dr.keshav verma and he is doing his 3 year Mbbs and it is his hospital where they are getting treated ….his dad is the dean of this hospital….

Shikhar says so please give ur home numbers so we can inform ur family about the accident …Ranveer and rishi look at each other’s face worried while shikhar asks wat happened did I ask anything wrong ….Ranveer says no actually I am worried about how our parents will take this news and how my Ishaani and nethra will react on knowing our accident …keshav says but it’s very important to inform your family and gets their home numbers and shikhar calls Ishaani house and keshav calls nethra’s house only for Ishaani and nethra to speak ….on hearing the news of Ranveer’s accident Ishaani faints while nethra starts to cry and calls gauri and kailash and tells the news and they all rush to the hospital….sirisha comes to see that Ishaani has fainted and phone receiver down she picks up and speaks only for shikhar to say the news again …..Harsha comes in and brings water and sprinkles on ishaani’s face and she starts to cry saying take me to the hospital soon …Harsha calls for the driver to take the car and everyone reach the hospital….

Ishaani and nethra come running inside to see Ranveer and rishi lying in bed with bandages and start to cry and Ishaani goes straight to Ranveer and hugs him and starts to say my heart stopped for a minute Ranveer…Ranveer says Ishaani please don’t cry if u cry I cannot tolerate the pain in ur eyes please ……
Nethra goes to rishi seeing her crying, Rishi says come on nethra we both are fine now please don’t cry …. Ishaani gets up angrily and says I told you both to be careful bhayya but what have you both done just when ishaani’s parents and ranveer’s parents enter the room ….rishi and Ranveer introduce shikhar and keshav and say that they had saved them on time ……the parents thank them while Ishaani and nethra come near keshav and shikhar and say if anything would have happened to them our hearts would have stopped and thank both of them….
While rishi interrupts and says we got two good friends today in the name of shikhar and keshav and sees Ranveer
Ranveer says yes and gives hands to shikhar and keshav ….they both say yes definitely from today we are your friends and shake hands and keep speaking about their college and family….
Ishaani and nethra come out of the room and Ishaani says something is wrong nethra , nethra says I too feel the same someone had tried to harm them but who would it be

Taran tries to misbehave with Ishaani in the road whereas shikhar who was passing by in his car notices this and …. He comes nearby and gives taran a tight slap and takes Ishaani with him and drops her in home

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  1. vry heart touching episode dr …!!
    love ishveer scenes vry emotional .. na

    1. Thanks vyshu dear?

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Very nice episode keerthi dr.precap is also superb.update next fast.

    1. Yeah dear I am updating only but its taking tym

  3. Very emotional episode dr.superb .and in the upcomming episodes instead of shekar if ranvi entryna its somewhat betterna dr,its just my imagination dr..u r fantastic writer no words keep rocking

    1. Actually for shikhar to meet his lady love i introduced shikhar in this scene dear


    Very emotional episode…..but ya l love it….and but precap is awesome I think this shikhar will also fall in love with is hu…????? Its question to you Keerthi dear……

    1. I have other plans for shikhar dear

  5. keerthi mam ur ff is too good but pls don’t separate ISHVEER & NETSHI

    1. Definitely prince dear?

  6. Osm….make more ishveer scenes….waiting for next epi…?

    1. Thank you sunny

  7. Very emotional episode .
    Nice dear

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