100% love (MATSH) Episode 13

Episode 13
Ranveer comes to ishaani’s house while Ishaani was sitting in her room and thinking I am sorry Ranveer I lied to you but what will I do if I tell you the truth you will not spare riddhima and dhanya so I told nethra to say a lie…..
Ishaani takes her mobile and calls nethra and says sorry nethra u had to lie to rishi and to ur bhayya because of me , nethra says no Ishaani don’t ask sorry ur my best friend and my bhayya’s love but only thing I regret is that riddhima and dhanya are happy na….but I don’t understand where did bhayya and rishi go ….? Ishaani says yes I am also thinking the same suddenly nethra listens car sound and goes to the window to see rishi getting down from the car ,she says Ishaani I ll call you later rishi has come here and hangs up the phone…..Ishaani speaks where did Ranveer go bhayya has gone to see nethra anything happened to Ranveer and panics and says I should call him and picks the mobile
She hears”Ishaani ” and thinks Ranveer and turns to see Ranveer standing in the room
Ranveer comes inside and locks the door while Ishaani comes near him …..
Ranveer hugs Ishaani and says why did u hide the truth from me Ishaani…..Ishaani is shocked and says Ranveer what are you saying what truth I hid from you ?
Ranveer says “Ishaani ” I heard your conversation with nethra ,me and rishi checked your Scooty only to find the break wires cut , what u thought I will not find out ur eyes show me everything Ishaani I started to know you from childhood I have seen u grow,cry,fight,laugh won’t I understand your pain and holds his hands on ishaani’s face ,Ishaani says for ur love I can tolerate any pain Ranveer but I cannot leave you…
As soon as I realized the brakes failed I tried to stop the Scooty only to get hit in the tree we both fell down…
Riddhima and dhanya came back of us and said if u don’t forget Ranveer and rishi both of u will have to suffer a lot….. But I could not do anything Ranveer yes we thought to hide it from u and bhayya but u found it I am sorry and cries ……
Ranveer wipes her tears and says “Ishaani ” who said they did not get punishment
Ishaani is puzzled and asks what , Ranveer says u think I will be sitting idle even after knowing the truth…. I had gone to riddhima’s house and had given her a slap and a stern warning…. Ishaani cries again and says why Ranveer she will become angry again and what will I do if she tries to harm you….
Ranveer hugs her tightly and kisses on her cheeks and says “you are my life Ishaani , my love for u is eternal ” if she does any harm for me I can tolerate the pain but I cannot see u suffer in pain I will die Ishaani…
Ishaani kisses him back and says ur love is enough for me I will never cry Ranveer…..Ranveer says ok then let me start to home ,if I stay here for some more time I may not leave you…. Kisses her forehead and says take care , Ishaani says u are there no I will be fine and smiles at him ….Ranveer leave her room and proceeds to his bike….
At ranveer’s house
Rishi comes inside and sits silently while nethra goes near him and places hand on his forehead and asks what happened rishi you are fine no….but why are u worried …..?
Rishi gets up and says y u didn’t say me the truth nethra? Ishaani lied to Ranveer but why did u hide the truth to me….. We are in love and love is not sharing happiness alone but to share ur pain also …..nethra says I am sorry and smiles at rishi and asks so u gave the punishment for dhanya and bhayya gave punishment for riddhima right?
Rishi is startled and asks how did u know? Nethra holds Rishi’s hand and says won’t I know about u and bhayya u both cannot see pain in our eyes and u will never spare the person who gave us the pain…..
Rishi smiles back and hugs her and says so u know this much about me, nethra says yes and runs away from rishi and says …..u have to leave now I have to prepare for my exams no so don’t make me deviate my concentration from studies ….. Me and Ishaani are studying very hard as we want to get placed in your college…. Rishi says ok then I will not disturb u and shows sad face and was about to leave when nethra comes near rishi and kisses him on his cheeks and says I love you and runs inside shying away……..
Rishi says fine I will start home now only to see Ranveer entering home….
Ranveer on seeing rishi winks at him and asks so u have got ur devi darshan or should I call ur devi……rishi winks back and says I see ur cheeks are so blushed up wat happened in home Ranveer and teases him……
Ranveer touches his cheeks and smiles back saying ok ok I will not tease you so u will not tease me deal ? Rishi says deal accepted
Rishi says let me start home Ranveer Hope everything will be normal for Ishaani and nethra ….that two Devils won’t harm nethra and Ishaani again na?
Ranveer is worried and thinks about riddhima’s words and says no rishi we have to be more precautious until they join our college….
Rishi says then we will inform their parents wat u say…….
Ranveer says not now rishi they may turn furious we have to handle them carefully….
We will soon find a way to stop them from harming Ishaani and nethra ……

Ranveer and rishi come from college in the car while their car meets with an accident…
While a guy comes to their rescue and takes them to the hospital and introduces himself to be shikhar Mehra who is studying law in NMIMS COLLEGE OF LAW

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  1. marvelous ff…..but pls don’t separate ISHVEER & NETSHI, pls keep them together always

    1. Thanks prince dear sure I will not separate them

    1. Thank you shruthi

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Awesome episode keerthi dr.lovee uu.while reading this I getting more happiness.thank u…..
    And wow in precap shikar’s entry.love it.is he permanent in ur ff?

    1. Yes sana dear

  3. I love it so much …. !! ishveer scenes mindblowing …!!

    Amazing nd emotional epi …??!!

    Childhood ishveer love story u r showing so much traditional nd beautiful..!!

    what a talent …. dr …. u r professional writter nd traditional writter ….?

    Keep it up….. no words to describe ur talent dr …
    ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???????????????????????

    1. Thank you vyshu dear?????????????????

  4. Keerthi ” The best”

  5. Keerthi dr ishveer scenes r amazing dr …


    Keerthi dear……….love……..emotion……..teasing……..and love of ishveer…….just best combination ever……..

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  8. Superb family subject keerthi dr,no words,shekar also entryna wow .
    keep going dr

    1. Sure sathya dear

  9. aww..shikhar entered..loved it..nvr make shikhar as negative ok..ishveer rockx..nw a dyz ma fav pass tym z reading ua ff n watching ishveers beautiful Vm’s as m having few osm vms n cherishing those sweet moments n memories..♥♥♥

    1. Thanks shazna dear

  10. Awsomeeee??? waiting for next epi…. Ur simply amazing?

    1. Thank u dear ll upload soon

  11. Keerthi “The best”

    1. Thanks Shalini ?

  12. Nice superb keerthi dear

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