100% love (MATSH) Episode 12

Episode 12
Ishaani and nethra enter into 11th standard whereas days pass by with Ranveer and rishi joining IIT and they really study hard only for Ranveer feeling so much for missing Ishaani and looks at the watch and says u are with me Ishaani I can feel you while seeing this watch Ishaani feels the same thinking when will I finish my 12 th standard and enter into same college where Ranveer is studying….

Rishi also keeps on thinking about nethra and nethra feels the same…….
Months pass by with Ishaani and nethra getting busy preparing for the annual common exam while rishi and Ranveer just get ready for attending a symposium in another engineering college, they plan to do paper presentation ..they prepare those very sincerely
They go to the rmc engineering college for paper presentation and submit it to the IT department president and come to attend dumb charades

As soon as the dumb charades are over their names are called by the IT department secretary saying their paper presentation was plagiarized so they cannot participate in paper presentation
Ranveer and rishi get shocked to see taran and Rahul standing there and feel if it was their work to eliminate their paper work , they keep on arguing saying there is no plagiarism when suddenly the department hod comes and asks what the problem is Ranveer and rishi explain everything the hod checks with the Internet and says no plagiarism and calls taran and Rahul and gives them stern warning saying these two are from IIT and they are distinction holders….it is a privilege to see them doing their paper presentation and tells to ask sorry for whatever happened…..
Taran and Rahul get angry inside saying when will god favor us a time so that we can defeat Ranveer and rishi
Ranveer and rishi return from the college to Ishaani’s house as Ranveer feels like he wants to see Ishaani….
While nethra and Ishaani enter home with bandage in hands and legs ….Ranveer and rishi are shocked rush to them and ask what happened while nethra says Ishaani was driving the Scooty and suddenly an auto hit our bike and we both lost our balance and fell down but it was ok we only had
small bruises…

Ranveer asks Ishaani is it the truth behind the bruises ,Ishaani looks at Ranveer and says yes Ranveer….Ranveer feels Ishaani is lying and says ok go and take rest we have a work to do and calls rishi outside….
Both of them go near the bike to check it while rishi says Ranveer the brake wires are cut how come then auto hit them …
They look at each other’s face and feel something is wrong we will find out ,while suddenly Ranveer remembers riddhima and dhanya..
Ranveer thinks so this is it ,he tells rishi about them
Rishi says this is not good let’s go to see them u go to see riddhima and I will go and see dhanya and both leave to their respective homes
Ranveer reaches riddhima’s house only to see her standing near the gate and she welcomes him, and says hi Ranveer long time no see ,how are you ur looking so smart now IIT ladka,Ranveer comes near her and gives a tight slap at her face ,riddhima gets shocked and asks what are you doing y did u slap me …..?

Ranveer says this slap is for you to remember what u did for Ishaani today ….Riddhima asks what I did he says u and dhanya planned and cut break wires in ishaani’s Scooty
I slapped u because Ishaani got bruises in her hands and legs , if something else would have happened to her I would have killed you…..she is my love yes I love her more than my life and I can go to extent for her, u may be my cousin but she is my life another time u try to harm Ishaani you will see another face of this Ranveer and leaves outside….
Riddhima says one minute and comes to Ranveer and says yes we both planned and did it I will not allow you and Ishaani to get together I will keep creating problems for her and go to such extent that for the sake of saving her u ur self will come and say I will marry you…..
Ranveer laughs at her and says try ur luck and leaves the house
While riddhima runs inside and picks her phone and calls dhanya who is getting the same treatment from rishi , she picks after rishi leaves home and says whatever happened they both say we have to torture them both but we have to think more wisely but our plan should not be known to our brothers as they love Ishaani and nethra …
While dhanya says yes we will be more careful next time while planning ……

Ranveer comes to Ishaani and hugs her and says why did u hide the truth from me Ishaani…..Ishaani is shocked and says Ranveer for ur love I can tolerate any pain but I cannot leave you……

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  1. u r so fantastc mam. ur ff is mind blowing. update fast pls

    1. Sure prince I am writing the next ff ll update soon

  2. Keerthi dr nice episode dr…precap is awesome dr …..

    1. Thanks raji dear


    Oho dear my Ishani in pain so Ranveer also in pain……how I could define their love dear……..l love my ishveer and because of you dear I’m getting a new season of merit aashiqhi …….I loved your ff from starting and till now I just love it……..

    1. Thanks dhruva dear…. Only by this ff I feel happy that my shadhika will unite one day and come soon in another serial

  4. Ya dhuruva i agree wid u dr ,its like a new session of matsh keerthi dr,oh dr i am very much tired to praise u.u r just amazing,oh pls dr if u have more money pls produce new matsh with our shadika,oh i can imagime tis iam freezed dr..u r such talented and professional writer dr.tis is like a film fr..pls dr dnt forget that train seq i already req u na pps make that seq soon

    1. Thanks Sathya dear …if I have huge money I will definitely make a movie itself with them ? but definitely this is my small tribute in making Ishveerfans happy dear

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb keerthi dr.precap was awesome.waiting for that.and y late update dr?

    1. I am updating only dear but it’s taking tym to get updated in the site

  6. Fantastic ff. And u osm writer

    1. Thanks Shalini…..

  7. i love it dr …..!!

    Awesome dr… ??????

    u r giving me so much happiness Thanku dr…

    Thank u so much….dr

    Love u love u so much ? muahh… dr

    1. Thanks vyshu dear ….if u all love it I am so happy dear????
      When I am writing ff I only think shakti and radhika in that scene and write so makes me feel happy???

  8. Hey I used to read all your episodes, they are mind blowing, really love them alot … I image your story with real ishveer… Please don’t give up and write more episodes?? a big fan of u 😀

    1. Thanks dear sure will write more

  9. Keerthi dr ur cover …. pic

    Amazing ? dr …. muahh????

    1. Thanks vyshu dear

  10. Ur ff is mind blowing dr,,,,,

    1. Thanks shruthi

  11. Nice superb keerthi dear

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  12. Ohh keerthu..what will i say yaar…luv u dr snd ur ff too..and i’m totally agree wid sathya dr

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