100% love (MATSH) Episode 11

Episode 11
Sirisha and gauri bring Ishaani to the decorated stage and make her to sit in the decorated chair….

Sirisha ,gauri, Tripura and jahnavi rao along with ishaani’s grandmother take arthi for Ishaani while Ranveer keeps on watching her….
Parmesh rao comes in front along with taran to put flower mala around ishaani’s neck while ishaani’s grandmother stops parmesh rao and asks kailash to start the rituals,kailash along with Ranveer come to the stage and puts the flower mala around ishaani’s neck and blesses her while Ranveer gives Ishaani the shagun containing red colour saree, Ishaani smiles and says thank you Ranveer…..
Watching all these happenings sirisha’s sister in law jahnavi rao fumes inside and feels how dare this old lady give kailash the rights to perform ishaani’s rituals and thinks any how I will make my son marry Ishaani at any cost……

Ishaani comes back dressed in the saree ,gauri comes near her and says no evil eye should fall upon you,Ishaani falls on her feet gauri blesses her and kisses her on her forehead…
The function takes place in a very grand manner with music and dance and everyone enjoys the day only for Ishaani and Ranveer to realize that they have fallen in love with each other….
Days pass by only to make their love increase but Ishaani or Ranveer never say it out to each other as Ishaani feels it may affect ranveer’s studies ,Ranveer feels the same inside…..
Ranveer and Ishaani both study hard as they are going to appear for their public exam as Ranveer and rishi prepare for 12th standard public exam and nethra and Ishaani for 10th standard exams..
The exam date starts and everyone writes the exam well….the results are out all of them pass out in distinction ….Ranveer and rishi plan to join in the same college and they apply for IIT, BOMBAY and they get selected….

Ranveer comes to ishaani’s house to tell this news to ishaani’s parents and get blessings while rishi goes to ranveer’s house to get blessings from ranveer’s parents
When Ranveer comes inside ishaani’s house and is being greeted by sirisha and Harsha and gets their blessings ….his eyes search for Ishaani while sirisha notices this and says Ranveer Ishaani is in her room u can go and inform her also ,Ranveer smiles and goes to see Ishaani….
Ishaani who was waiting for Ranveer on noticing Ranveer entering into her room starts to feel very nervous inside but tries to be normal ….Ranveer says Ishaani I am joining in engineering studies in IIT so I wanted to share this news with you, Ishaani smiles back and comes near Ranveer while Ranveer thinks no Ishaani you should not come near me you are making me nervous ,while Ishaani holds ranveer’s right hand wrist and ties a Rolex watch in his hand and hands him a Oakley sunglass and says this is my gift for you Ranveer…

Ranveer says Ishaani why this gift , Ishaani says Ranveer whenever you wear watch u ll think about me u see the hour hand and minute hand is u and me and the main wheel is our love so we both always are together in life and we never get seperated…… This sunglass is your style quotient Ranveer and hugs him and says my best wishes for you to achieve success in your studies , Ranveer smiles and says if u hug me like this for another two minutes I may not leave to my house,Ishaani realizes and smiles and moves back and says so u can go…Ranveer smiles and leaves the room and comes to sirisha and Harsha and says bye to them and leaves from there…….Ishaani stands in the balcony and keep watching as Ranveer leaves ishaani’s house in his bike….

Meanwhile rishi visits ranveer’s house and gets blessings from gauri and kailash and comes to nethra where nethra presents him a gold govardhan pendant and wishes him all the best for getting a place in IIT and tries to leave when rishi holds nethra’s hands and says thanks you, but u have given me lord Krishna pendant so does that mean I can have as many girl friends ,nethra gives a stern look at rishi and says it means u can have any number of girl friends but I will only be ur Radha and this pendant will always stay near to your heart as to remind me all the time and jerks his hands and runs away…..

Rishi says nethra even though u have given me Krishna I will always abide by the principles of raam as I have learnt it from my best friend Ranveer vaghela as how to love a girl and be in her thoughts and leaves the house.

Precap: Ranveer and rishi attend another college symposium only to find taran and Rahul there….taran tries to eliminate Ranveer and rishi by saying their paper presentation is plagiarized ……

Credit to: Keerthi


  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    First of all I respect ur dedication dr.3 updates in one day.love u keerthi dr.muaaah…….
    And ur epsd was superb as always.I think u r changing the cover pic in every updates.it was nice.

  2. Wow ….. keerthi ….. i am vry pround of u dr …… Love u so much …..??????

    tday u re giving ….. 3 episodes …. dr ….

    ISHVEER….. loved so much …..????????????

    Usual Amazing epi …. ? u keerthi dr ….
    ur ff giving me so much happiness ….
    i forgot about MATSH ending …..


    Wow keerthi dear thanks for so many updates in a day…..and your stories and just awesome……

  4. Keerthi dr i really proud of u..u r stole our hearts,u realizena dr,iam speechless,i read ur ff 4 times and imagine every scene,its like a film dr,u r amazimg writer,u hv any cine field background or know any media members ps try to as a story writer dr.u r amazing,ur ff give me a smile

    • Keerthi

      Thanks sathya dear It’s just my imagination what if MATSH 2 comes up with storyline like this and I am writing as such

  5. Shażñä

    Keerthi dr dy by day juz loving ua ff as Matsh..osm storyline…juz nw read last 3 epiz no words to describe ua thinking n writing skill ♥♥♥ gud writer keet it up♥♥♥

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