100% love (MATSH) Episode 10

Episode 10
Everyone returns from the picnic spot , the day’s passes by with Ranveer and Ishaani nethra and rishi getting very close…
Ranveer feels I am so happy these days are surely a moment to treasure as I am very close to Ishaani and Seeing her day and night…
Rishi comes nearby and says Ranveer we will come here every year and spend our annual holidays here, Ranveer also agrees….
Ishaani’s grandmother comes near Ranveer’s mom and gives her mango jelly and mangoes in a basket and says these are all grown in our mango garden and requests her that next year u should all come again it was so much fun to see you all and I did not know how the days went so fast and looks at Ranveer and says you will be my favorite beta I will really miss you, Ranveer says I will also miss you dadima and hugs her while Ishaani walks down and comes to her grandmother and asks wat about mango jelly for me , while ishaani’s grandmother smiles and says I have packed it for u sweety how will I forget u and hugs her…
Sirisha comes there and says so packing is done we will all leave in the afternoon to Hyderabad and from there we will have to catch the train for Mumbai so chalo everyone get ready soon Ishaani and Ranveer get ready and they all leave in the car to Hyderabad and reach in the evening and catch the train to Mumbai …
Everyone feels tired and sleepy so all of them sleep,except for Ishaani and Ranveer who keep thinking about each other but soon they also fall asleep.
They all get down in Mumbai station in the morning and everyone gets into the car , sirisha and family first drops Ranveer and his family at their house and they proceed to their house…
School reopens nethra and Ishaani enter 6th standard while rishi and Ranveer enter 8th standard , months pass by as such as soon as the half yearly exams are over class day party for 6th standard and 8th standard are kept together, the teacher asks the students who is going to perform what whiler Ranveer and Ishaani get up and says dance everyone turns to see them they say yes , we will dance together ..

The teacher also says ok so get ready soon because the class day party is next week
Ranveer and Ishaani start to practice for the dance and on class day party they both dance for sun saathiya song everyone says they both look perfect for each other ….
Three Years pass by with Ranveer and ishaani’s friendship growing..
Ishaani is in her 9th standard while Ranveer is in class 11th now ,both of them keep playing badminton along with rishi and nethra while suddenly Ishaani holds her stomach and falls down Ranveer rushes to lift while nethra says no bhayya I will take care u both please leave and call ishaani’s mom and informs about Ishaani. She arrives to pick her up and covers ishaani’s face with a cloth and takes her home along with nethra….

Ranveer thinks what happened to Ishaani why wasn’t I allowed to touch her or come near her……
Ishaani’s mom calls for all her relatives and ranveer’s family to attend ritu kala samskaram ( coming of age ceremony/half saree function) which is going to take place after ten days….
Ishaani’s house is newly painted decorated with flowers and getting geared up for ishaani’s function whereas Ranveer is really worried as he has not been able to see Ishaani for the past ten days and grows sad inside and feels I should see Ishaani somehow I don’t know how she is now….ranveer’s family leave in the morning itself to ishaani’s home as to help sirisha…….
Ranveer tries to go to see Ishaani but is stopped by ishaani’s grand mom and she says guys should not see her face till the function starts….Ranveer returns back with a sad face but vows that he will see Ishaani at any cost and runs outside the house and reaches the balcony of ishaani’s room and steps in to see Ishaani….

Ishaani who was sitting on a mat watches Ranveer…..Ranveer watches Ishaani and his heart skips a beat and feels Ishaani is looking so beautiful now and he is mesmerized with her looks feels if this is love my heart beats so fast , Ishaani comes near Ranveer and hugs him and says I missed you a lot Ranveer it’s been ten days since I met you and cries ….Ranveer wipes her tears and asks Ishaani are you fine , she smiles back and says yes Ranveer I am fine…..Ishaani feels he is the guy who I saw first before the function and he will only be my future husband and shies away and runs away from Ranveer……both of them stand apart for some time..they hear a knock at the door only for Ishaani to comeback to Ranveer and says u have to go Ranveer if someone sees you you will be in trouble and pushes him out , Ranveer says no Ishaani I don’t feel like leaving you and holds her hands while Ishaani pushes him out and says please go …..
Ranveer comes out of the balcony and enters into the house……….

Ranveer is smitten by Ishaani and feels what’s happening to me, so this is love and for all these years I have been loving Ishaani and smiles to himself ……while rishi comes near to Ranveer and says someone is in love and winks at Ranveer, Ranveer comes to his senses and says what, rishi says people in love often laugh without any reason and hope the reason for your smile is “Ishaani “……

Ranveer gives a smiling face at rishi while rishi smiles back saying so my best friend will be my best brother in law and both laugh together…..
The function for Ishaani is about to start and all of her relatives are present….taran gets angry on seeing Ranveer there and feels I am trying to get rid of this Ranveer from ishaani’s life but every time is a failure all these years but definitely I will get Ishaani at any cost I will not lose her to him
Ranveer’s heart beats fast and he feels Ishaani is coming turns back to see only Ishaani walking down the staircase in a red colour half saree accompanied by nethra , sirisha and gauri …
Ranveer is not able to take his eyes off while Ishaani walks down by seeing Ranveer and smiling and shying at him…..

Precap: parmesh rao tries to put flower mala first in ishaani’s neck while ishaani’s grandmother interrupts and says kailash will start the rituals….kailash comes near Ishaani and put the flower mala….sirisha’s sister in law jahnavi rao fumes inside ……

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    Keerthi, raji,pallavi, aarthy, vaishali, I know that all of you are die-hard fans of IshVeer. First of all, well done Keerthi. Second of all, after MATSH’s last episode when I had searched online I found a book based on this story. Do read it…. and vote for it and follow the writer tully…


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