1 BHK !!!! ~ by risa (intro)


Hi guys! Its risa here! I present to u a twiraj ff! I no i no there r only 2 currently ongoing twiraj ffs- one of zai and another of yashasvi. I used to write a twiraj ff. It went on a good run here on TU! I wish to see more of u reading my newly launched ff! Here r the specifications:

The Title
Omg! 1 bhk! Does anyone even live in such houses! If u ask me….yes they do! And normally these r used by college students who live faraway and choose to not stay at a hostel and by people who come from faraway to work alone and earn an income that could afford such a house. So how our super rich twinkle and yuvi land in 1bhk is the story!

It is rather simple. U no the title and hopefully the great plot idea.

Main are yuvi and twinkle. To protect feelings of twinj fans i am not gonna include kunj. I am personally a great twiraj/yuvle fan! I support them in every way possible. I no the pain twinj fans suffered when kunj was turned negative or rather of negative feelings. Trust me same pain suffered by yuvle fans when twinj were turned to lead pair and yuvi was turned to negative. To avoid any clash no kunj in this ff! I dont hate sid! I like him a lot! Just i am not on kunjs side! Anyways, characters r simple. Minor character here and there. Villians come and go. I no how bad u all feel when vamps or villians come and manipulate one of the leads and separate the couple. No much dangerous villians n stuff. Only rather small troublemakers.

It is set in mumbai. Some of the initial scenes take place in amritsar.

Final verdict
Read or not read ur choice. But as u have read so far……plz plz plz do read!

Comment if u like the new idea. Twinj ff will be posted tmrw. Epi one of this ff will be posted on friday. Happy reading! Laters! N do plz comment. Twinj fans too. U no how much i love my commenters. Plz do comment.

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  1. Pls continue i m a big fan of twiraj and i know its going to be great

  2. Shatakshi

    Hey risa
    I m looking forward to it
    Do continue asap

  3. Oh oh….new ff I see…acha u never no what destiny has for u’s season2….when will that be posted? Or say created? Oh sorry sorry…I know u r in a hectic schedule…I just asked out of curiosity…sorry…forgive this lil sister of urs….and ya…I kno this ff will rock….my plomish!

  4. What happened to ur other Twiraj ff??

  5. wow risa..nyc 1..i wz waitin impatiently fr u..btw tq fr w8in anothr ff fr us…

    N hey cn u gues n say who vl b d lead in tei (twinj r our twiraj) act im confusd i vl quit it if dy go vt twinj..wt do u wana say

  6. Hi.risa wr is ur othr ff of twirj u hve nt postd tht ff iwas wtng for ur ff..Nai

  7. Interesting

  8. your title sounds interesting…this is my first twiraj story..so i am excited…waiting on episode…

  9. SidMin

    Loved the idea Risa even though I am a Twinj fan I still liked your story Line waiting for the next episode 🙂

  10. Angita

    I’ll read Risa I will read

  11. Sayeeda

    Amazing plot Risa I loved it …
    Nd what u said is right everyone has his / her POV ……
    But u know how much I love twinj…. but I love ur all ff whether Twinj or Twiraj …..
    Waiting for ur first episode..
    love u

  12. Yeah risa it’s a great idea to make twiraj or yule’s they are really rocking love them a lot

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