1 BHK !!!! ~ by risa (episode 1)

Hi! Risa is back after long break! Ok exams ne majboor kar diya tha isliye! Maine english exam mein top kiya m so happy!!! But mujhe maths aur chem ka darr he…..their results r not told yet wish i pass……anyways 1bhkis quite a weird name for a ff isnt it? Well how 1bhk when why what everything will be explained soon…..just read on….

Episode 1 – The Prince’s Neighbour

I moved to Mumbai 2 months ago. My mom is business tycoon Leela Taneja and me? Of course Twinkle Taneja! Beauty with brains! And i am on a journey to achieve my goal of becoming an actress! Haha! But how come i convinced my mom? Simple. Told her- “Ma mein aur chinki dono milkar Mumbai mein CA karengi, plz ma plz.” Some fake tears and kam ho gaya! But ek shart! No one should no the i am her daughter so…..i have to stay in an 1bhk apartment!!!!!!! I told straight to ma-” ma par aapki ful jaise komal beti ko aap ek aanjaan shehaer mein ek chote se apartment mein rehne dogi?” “Why not puttar? My cousin brother darjeet lives there its his apartment. I will ask him for rent and u can stay there.” “But….” “No buts! If u want Mumbai then not bunglow. Or stay here beta” I knew this was a way to stop me. I said straight-” its ok ma i am ready.” Ma laughed but then she herself packed my bag and sent me. But before she sent me away she did hug me tightly. I cried too. But Mumbai was waiting for me.!

And now when everything is done………Yuvraj Luthra enrolled in my college! What the hell! After so much tapasya with my mom i get this friut? N since that idiot has enrolled here 24×7 girls roam round him like he is the sun and these girls r the planets revolving around him. Its like thousands of girls would have confessed to him but he rejected everyone with this simple answer-” My mom is my everything, and no girl cqn take place of her in my heart, so sorry,”

Haraami!!!!! He rejected my new friend Tara too. Tara was so true about her feeling for him and this idiot just shooed her away. I am so damn gonna teach him a lesson for his this act.

Girls: oh my god! Yuvi is coming this way!

Oh toh woh aah raha hai class shuru hogi uski.

(Twinkle hides behind wall. Yuvi walks. She slowly puts her foot in the middle and he stumbles upon and falls.)

Yuvi: what the hell! Ouch my leg!!!
Twinkle: oh hi yuvi!
Yuvi: twinkle taneja! What r u doing here? Following me no. I know i am hot but it doesnt mean u need to come this far i mean…
Twinkle: just shut up! Nad how could u?
Yuvi: could what?
Twinkle: u rejected Tara right? How dare u? Buys like u just dont deserve love!
Yuvi: whats ur problem? Its my matter i will take care of it!
Twinkle: oh plz lectures dont suit on a monkey man like u!
Yuvi: oh so lectures suit on a punjabi donkey….oh sorry….hehe
Twinkle: you!!!!!!
Yuvi: you!!!!!!!

They give the death stare to each other. They went their way but looks like something will get them on the same track.

At supermarket
Twinkle and Tara were buying fruits.
Tara: i mean twinkle thank u so much for taking my side!
Twinkle: my pleasure! Btw i have some things to settle with that Yuvi!
Tara: settle what?
Twinkle starts to reminence her childhood memory when she made a sandcastle and yuvi came and stamped it and broke her doll too.
Twinkle: my first doll and that idiot broke it! N he is my moms biggest enemy Anita Luthra’s son too. So double enmity.
Tara: calm down my punjabi pataka!
Twinkle: ok.
Her phone rings.
Twinkle: hello.
Leela: hello twinkle puttar where r u?
Twinkle: oh maa. I am at the market.
Leela: its 5 o clock puttar! Go to ur apartment! It will get dark soon.
Twinkle: ok ma.
She cuts call.
Twinkle: bye tara.
Tara: bye twinkle!
N she went to her apartment.

The building was old rotton type. The land lady lived with her 5 yr son below her n she lived updtairs. There was a empty apartment next to her which was going to be occupied that day.

At her room
Twinkle: omg! Ikr only one room! N upon that so small dining and living room. No balcony! Ill die sooner like this!

The bell rang.

Twinkle: oh must be the new ne8ghbours!

She opens door. N gets shock of her life. Yuvi stands in front of her holding a box with gift wrapping.

Twinkle and yuvi together: you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi risa I m new to you but I have read one or 2 episodes of ur old ff . Love ur style of writing. And I am a diehard fan of twiraj. This episode was full of life liked it a lot . Happy to see twiraj ffs popping out. Do write. Take care byee

    1. Risa

      Thanks soo for ur encouraging words.

  2. Hi welcome back congrats for topping in English and all the best for ur maths and Chem results the episode was nice and now pls be regular if possible

    1. Risa

      Thanks. Well i am back but updates will be with 1 day gap

  3. Sayeeda

    Risa darling itni baar main same baat bol chuki hoon but still I will say….. Yrrr missed u so much…. Daily I used to think where did Risa went.. I was missing u so badly yrr.. Sacchi ????…..

    So happy to see u back…..

    Episode was amazing… Awesome… Loved it to the core….
    Love u ???

    1. Risa

      Thanks for missing me sayeeda! Love u too!♡♡♡♡

  4. Hey risa I missed you and your ff where have you been. ?

  5. Nice eps yaar.I thought before some day that where are u after the intro of 1bhk.At the end of TEI there is the starting of a TWIRAJ story.Keep writing.

  6. Risa! I missed u soooo much! Where were u? Awww….this epi was sooo gooodd….finally u r back! Love u sooo much?

  7. Rashiverma2199

    wow…risa dear missed u alot….ur ff was awesome…loved it to theh core

  8. Nice update risa. I couldn’t be able to read ur old twiraj ff completely (u never know what destiny kept for u). If possible can u send me the link to that ff?

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