We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 7

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode7

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
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************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

? …. KAPOOR FAMILY …. ? {Oberoi House from ISHQBAAZ}

Yesterday’s episode : Dadi accepts Swara. Anav and Vandana accept Abhay and Tripthi.

[Where the Kapoor family is enjoying it’s family. The other side, Doctor Laksh is lost in the dream of Ragini.. And has fallen in love with her.]

[A bright day, where the sons of Kapoor family are all set to take up their positions in their hotel.. Shona and Laadoo are all set to go to their new business place.. Their RAGZ collection. Tripthi and the new Princess is being pampered with the utmost love and care she deserves. Scene shifts to Ragz Collection.]

Ragini : Shona.. I am waiting for our first customer. I am soooooooooooooo excited.. I mean obviously why shouldn’t I?

Swara : Calm down Baba.. Calm down.. Yup it’s true.. No one would have ever imagined that our family would give you this gift.
Ragini : Come on Swara.. I mean I have no words to tell how happy I am.. You also would have got gifts on your birthday right?
Swara : No, Ragini.. I am not as lucky as you.
Ragini : Oh God, Shona.. How can I forget this? Wait a second.. (brings a box) Here.. Take this.. This is a gift from your only Sister-in-law.. I bought it long back for you.. But forgot to give… Take..

Swara : Ragini.. This..
Ragini : Shona.. Please take it.. Please..
Swara : Ragini.. These are tickets.. But why Ragini.. You even haven’t got your first order yet..
Ragini : Shona.. Leave all that.. Just go and enjoy.. And yes, you always wanted to go to Switzerland right? So go and enjoy.. (looking towards her entrance) Shona.. Look at that guy.. Awww.. He looks soo hot.. And those shades.. My God.. Hope he is our first customer.
Swara : Control Laadoo. (Swara’s phone starts ringing..) Laadoo.. I will come in 2 minutes..

Ragini : 2 minutes or 2 hours? It is Sanskoo’s call.. You won’t disconnect so soon.. Shona.. That guy is coming here.. Am I looking good? Okay.. I will ait and do something.. No.. I will clean this.. No I will.
Swara : Ragini.. Do what you want.. Good Luck.. Am going..
Ragini : Shona.. Not fair.. And she pouts, when the customer opens the door..
Voice : Excuse Me… (Ragini turns and he sees her in a cute pout) Ms. Ragini.. You look really good, in this pose.. But I suppose you wouldn’t deal all your customers this way.. Right?
Ragini : (Making her self normal) Hello Sir.. How do you know my name? I am sure it isn’t mentioned anywhere..
Voice : (removing the shades) You also know me.. Right?
Ragini : Oh.. Doctor.. Welcome.. Sorry didn’t recognise..
Laksh : (whispers to himself) But my heart can recognise you everytime..
Ragini : Excuse me.. Did you say something?
Laksh : Na… So How’s your shop doing? I suppose it came up a few days back right?
Ragini : Yup, It was inaugurated just a week back.. And today is the first day.
Laksh : So, I should believe that am the first customer.
Ragini : Yes, doctor.. You are the first customer. So here you go.. (handing over sweets and juice).. It’s our policy to serve customers. So would you mind having anything Doctor.
Laksh : Aaa.. I would prefer being called..
Ragini : (interrupts) Laksh.. Right?
Laksh : Yes, Doctor sounds too formal.. And yes, I would have.. If the pretty lady with me would give me a company.. And with this, I would love to call you Ms. Kapoor as you call me.

Ragini : Doctor.. You can call the pretty lady who you want to accompany. There’s no “FEMALE RESTRICTED ZONE”. Love to call? Why do I feel there’s something suspicious about your visit?
Laksh : Aaa… I never knew my patient would be a tubelight Ms. Kapoor. I would prefer your company. You will get to the reason Ms. Kapoor. Can we start till then?
Ragini : Patient? Your patient is right here.. I can call her for you. And I am not a tubelight Doctor. I hope you know that your profession requires you and you should be going..
Laksh : I am on a leave today Ms. Kapoor. And I love my profession the way it is. I hope you don’t have a problem with it.

************* Scene shifts to Swanak ***********

Swara : So, Mr Sanskar Kapoor it isn’t even an hour that you left.. And you have called. Anything important?
Sanskar : Yup, Mrs. Sanskar Kapoor.. I have lost my heart somewhere.. So I want to file a case.
Swara : Report Mr.. It ia a report and not a case.
Sanskar : Yes, Shakespeare.. It is a report. I hope I am worth an apology, after committing this big a crime that to in front of The walking English Dictionary. Would you mind helping me Ma’am?
Swara : Cool, I can help you out with the directions of the Police Station Mr. Sanskar Kapoor. You get to get down from the building of yours and out from the gate, head right on the Lavelle Road and then turn a Left on the 3rd Main, Road.. And the destination would be on your left.
Sanskar : Mrs. Sanskar Kapoor.. I would prefer you accompanying me to the Police Booth of Switzerland, and then we can file a report there. I know there is where my heart resides.
Swara : But Mr. Sanskar Kapoor, how would you justify and prove the police there that you lost your heart? And I would like to get a little personal with you.. If you wouldn’t mind..

Sanskar : Sure, I am all yours. And if I have you with me.. The police there will surely find out. Ao what was they you wanted to know?
Swara : Mr. Sanskar Kapoor.. How did you get the idea of filing a report for your heart? Did someone suggest you? I hope no one’s involved in it.. I guess someone really close has planned this.
Sanskar : My sister is an expert in this. I never knew. You see? That too Switzerland?
Swara : Aa.. Mr. Sanskar.. I wish you knew how to lie?
Sanskar : I.. I didn’t get you.. Would you mind coming again?
Swara : I would love coming again.. But before that you got to rethink on your dialogues which you spoke not less than a minute before.
Sanskar : And why would I have do that? Your honour.

Swara : Mr. Sanskar Kapoor.. To mention the facts.. I would love to do the honours.. I just mentioned about someone close doing it.. And you spilled the beans.. Your sister did it..? You guessed the place.. Switzerland?
Sanskar : Oops.. I really need to draft a new script for speaking with you. So. The Hot, Stunning, Stupendous, Beautiful, Pretty Mrs Swara Sanskar Kapoor is all ready to leave with her Handsome, Dashing, Hot, s*xy, Charismatic Mr. Sanskar Kapoor to their honeymoon to Switzerland tomorrow morning?
Swara : Sanskar..

Sanskar : Yes, Shona..
Swara : How can you tell I am hot, stunning, stupendous and all? You haven’t seen me properly yet. We never stayed together in these 3 months.
Sanskar : Don’t worry Shona.. I will see you properly in Switzerland. And you wanted Dadima to accept our relation with true heart.. And then we would be together. So here it’s all done.

[Swanak are busy in their own conversation and on the other hand.. Doctor and his Ms. Kapoor are busy passing comments and smirking at each other.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Sanskar Swara Honeymoon first day. Intro of Singhania’s.

{That’s it for today. Comments Welcomed. Take Care. Thank you}

Credits : HisPrincess

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