We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 6

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode6

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************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

? …. KAPOOR FAMILY …. ? {Oberoi House from ISHQBAAZ}

Yesterday’s episode : Tarun stays back. Ragini’s birthday gift. Swara saves Tripthi and falls down. Tripthi gives birth to a baby girl. Laksh and Ragini first meet.I

[Ragini leaves to get the medicines, Laksh is lost in his world with his lady love and Sanskar is thinking about the relation which Laksh and Swara share. Dadi, Arnav and Vandana are all busy with the new member of the family.]

Tarun : Bhaiya, Ma Papa and others.. Where are all? Did Shona Bhabhi gain consciousness?
Sanskar : Woh, Tripthi bhabhi gave birth to a baby girl. So everyone is there. And yes Swara is fine now.. She will be shifted to the ward in sometime.
Ragini : Sanskoo Bhaiya.. Here are the medicines of Shona. What did the doctor say? Is she fine? Bhaiya is something Troubling you?
Sanskar : Haan.. No Ragini.. Am fine.. And shona is fine, she will be shifted to the ward after sometime. Tarun, take Dadi and Ma home. They didn’t take rest also. We are here.
Ragini (after Tarun leaves) : Bhaiya what is that is bothering you? I know you are not fine.. And are disturbed.. So tell.
Sanskar : Ragini.. Woh that Doctor Laksh.. He said he had some relation with Swara, that is what am thinking. Shona never spoke about it.
Ragini : Chill, Bhaiya.. Probably it wouldn’t have been important or she was waiting for the correct time to tell you. Stop worrying about it.

[After a week both are discharged. And they return home.]

Vandana : Tripthi, where are you going? Come inside.
Tripthi : Ma, I am going to our house.
Arnav : Abhay, Tripthi come back here and make this a home again. This house is waiting for you.
Abhay,Tripthi : Papa, what are you saying?
Vandana : Haan, come beta.. Make this house as a home. Our home.. Where we will stay together and face all good and bad times together. Come back..
Dadi : Vandana, will you only speak to your Elder daughter-in-law, let me call my younger daughter-in-law.. I want to give her all the love and respect she deserved.. Which I never gave her. It is just because of her.. That Today our house is filled with this baby’s voice.
Ragini : Dadima.. Do their aarthi.. Wait wait.. Sanskoo bhaiya you also go and stand with Shona.. Go..

[Dadi does their Aarthi and asks them to enter the house.]

Dadi : Swara.. I hurt you a lot na? Please forgive your Dadima.. I never gave you the respect which you deserve.. I have always taunted you.. Hurt you.. Scolded you.. And you never said anything in reply. Why are you so good and so pure? Why Swara?
Swara : Dadima.. Please don’t say like this.. You are elder.. You have all the right to scold me.. Hit me.. Show me the right path. I am happy that you at least spoke to me that way.. I always longed for families love.. And I also realised how my Dadi, if I ever had would have shown me the correct path.

[Where the Kapoor family is enjoying it’s family. The other side, Doctor Laksh is lost in the dream of Ragini.. And has fallen in love with her.]

{Sorry, for not uploading a long episode. Will surely do it tomorrow.}

Tomorrow’s Episode : Ragini, Laksh moments. Sanskar Swara Honeymoon.

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Credits : HisPrincess

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