We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 5

? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode5

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Episode4 link : episode-4

************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

? …. KAPOOR FAMILY …. ? {Oberoi House from ISHQBAAZ}

Yesterday’s episode : Shocking revelation. Sanskar appointed as the CEO of Peace Hotels.

[The whole house is in a shock with the revelation of the truth and Tarun is in his room packing his stuff to leave forever]

Vandana : Sanskar, Arnav… Go stop him.. Please someone go and stop him. Please.
Arnav : Vandana, he had to know the truth today or tomorrow. Ragini and Tarun don’t remember that much, but Sanskar did. And today they got to know the truth. Control yourself.
Swara (goes to Tarun) : Tarun.. Can I come in?
Tarun : Yes please. Shona.. Oops sorry Bhabhi.
Swara : Tarun, why are you going? Maa and Papa can’t bear the pain of losing their child again. They already lost one child. I know our meeting is too awkward.. But I can only tell you.. Don’t leave.. Sanskar.. Ragini.. These both have only spoken about you everytime. If Maa thought you as Bua’s son, then why would she ever love you like her own child? If Papa ever considered you as his sisters blood then why would he tell the world that his property and everything is of his 3 sons. If they both considered you as their daughter’s murderer’s son.. Then why did they ever hide this big truth from you? Why did they love you how much they love Sanskar? Why Tarun? Don’t leave them Tarun.. Don’t.
Tarun : Bhabhi, I agree.. They loved me just like they did Bigb and Sanskar Bhaiya.. But if I stay here, in front of their eyes, they will always be reminded of Maithli Di and I can’t bear it. I have the blood of a murderer running in me.. I can’t Bhabhi.. And yes, Bhabhi you promise me that you won’t let this family break. You won’t let them ever be sad.. Please Bhabhi.. Please.

[Tarun packs his stuff and comes down and meets everyone and at last goes to Ragini]

Tarun : Ragz Di.. Please take care of yourself. You are not angry with your chotu na? I didn’t know that I am a murderer’s son.. That lady’s son who snatched your sister from you.
Ragini (gives a tight slap which shocks everyone because she is the most polite and sweet person) : Don’t you dare call me Di.. I am no one to you.. Just because of this truth you forgot your di.. Sanskar Bhaiya please ask him to get lost. Ask him never to show his face to me.. (she falls down on the ground) Maa, he is your son right? You considered him your son but he never regarded you as his parents. If he did.. Then he would have stayed with us by calling you Maa and Papa how we call you.. How your children call you. Papa, ask him to get lost and tell him that he not only lost his one sister.. But lost both his sisters..
Tarun : Di, don’t tell like this.. Di please.. Sanskar Bahiya.. Tell na something.. Ask di not to do this.
Sanskar : No, Tarun.. Today I am with Ragini, if you step out today I will break all my relations with you.. And I am sure.
Tarun : Bhaiya.. Please don’t do..
Vandana : Didn’t you hear what they said. I never felt so bad and broken when my daughter left me.. But today, I lost everything of mine..
Tarun : Okay.. Am not going.. I won’t go.. But
Ragini : But what?
Tarun : But.. I will call MamiMa and MamuPa as Ma and Papa.. And you all have to know that I have your blood flowing in me and not anyone else’s.

[The whole family rejoices and are together. Dadi had a great shock. The story takes a leap of 3 months.]

********* Kapoor Villa ********

[The bright day starts with a new promise and hope and spreads joy everywhere. The Kapoor Villa is filled with a melodious voice of Shona and Laadoo singing the Aarthi and everyone are praying to the Almighty. The whole house acts as they don’t remember that it’s their doll’s birthday.. Their Ragamma’s birthday..]

Sanskar : Maa, you all will come to that new site of ours? We will leave. Tarun come lets go.
Ragini : Maa, where are we going?
Swara : Come lets get ready. We have to leave.

********* Abhay Kapoor Villa ******

[A lady comes out from the washroom with her hair tied in a towel. She is taking small careful steps, as she is 9 months pregnant and in another 2 weeks, it is her delivery date. She wakes up Abhay and goes towards the Pooja Room.]

Swara : Bhabhi.. (Tripthi turns this side and comes to her), Bhabhi.. I made this Aloo ka Paratha and Pulao for all of us. It is not good for you to work in this situation. The parantha’s on the right side are yours and left for BigB. And this flask has tea in it. And Bhabhi we are all going to the new site where Sanskar and all have gone. You both also please come. I am sure everyone will be happy.. Especially Ragini. Please Bhabhi.
Tripthi : Swara, I don’t deserve their love or respect. You all go and I don’t want to eat anything. I will prepare it.
Abhay : Yes, Swara, you take it and go. I will prepare the food. And I don’t want to spoil anyone’s mood there.
Ragini (comes and bends to take their blessings) : BigB, bhabhi.. Shona is right.. Please come.. I will be blessed. We all know you miss the love and family moments we share.
Tripthi : Ragini, I am not worth it. But because of me.. Your brother is Missing all that.
Dadi : Arre Tripthi, (seeing Swara and Ragini) what are you doing here? And what is in this haan?
Swara : Dadima woh I bought Parantha’s for Bhabhi and BigB.. They love it na. And since we all are leaving, I called them also because without them our happiness is incomplete.
Dadi : Okay. Ragini could also have done that right? Beta get ready and come. We will wait for you.
Vandana : Ragini, give Tripthi this dress.
Ragini : Dadima, Swara, lets go and hide somewhere.. Let Maa herself give this to Bhabhi.
Tripthi : Ragini, it’s bad to expect so much from Maa that too for me.
Ragini : Bhabhi, lets give it a try.
Vandana (comes down) : Ragini.. Shona.. Where are these both? (sees Tripthi and walks towards them) Tripthi, wear this dress for today and don’t bend too much, ita bad for the baby.

[Tripthi has tears in her eyes and Abhay consoles her. Ragini is aad that no one remembers her birthday. Soon all leave to their desired destination.]

Sanskar : Ragini, you always loved to design dresses. You left your dream. You always wanted to see your name in the magazine right?
Ragini : Bhaiya, why are you speaking about it? It’s okay if my dream didn’t get fulfilled.
Tarun : How can you say like this Ragu Di? Why do you have to give up your dreams?
Arnav : True, why should my daughters give up their dreams? They will live their dreams.
Ragini : Papa, but how can I live it now? I don’t even have the things needed for it.
Sanskar : We will make you live your dream. (hands over a visiting card) Here, go live your dream. Happy Birthday Ragamma.
Tarun : Happy Birthday Di.. (hands over keys and shows the way.) Di, it’s this way.

[And Ragini sees a shop with an empty name board, but inside it is all beautifully yet elegantly decorated for a happening Fashion Designer. She steps in and is introduced to her staff and her partner.. Her Shona is going to be with her. After the emotional moment, all return back home Tripthi goes to the terrace to get the clothes down.]

Swara : Maa, I will make tea for everyone. You all go, freshen up and come. BigB where is Bhabhi?
Abhay : She has gone to the terrace to get the clothes.
Vandana : How did you let her go? It is risky for her in this state? Can’t you understand? You should have told one of the servants.
Abhay : Sorry, Maa.. Will not do it again.

[While the entire family is sitting and discussing the name of Ragini’s new shop, Tripthi is coming down from the stairs and was about to slip and in the nick of time.. Swara pulls her back and dis-balances and falls down rolling on the stairs. Tripthi screams Swaraaaa and all look towards them and are shocked and take Swara to the hospital.]

********* Hospital *********

Sanskar (to the nurse) : Please call the doctor, it’s urgent.. Please..
Nurse : Sir, the doctor is coming. We need to shift her to the ICU.
Sanskar : Call the doctor damn it..!!
Doctor : Yes, I am the doctor. Will check her and tell you the condition.

[Swara is taken inside the ICU and the doctor after checking comes out from the ICU.]

Doctor : Sorry, we cannot say anything. She is critical, she has suffered injuries on her head, which are deep. We have to keep her under observation for 12 hours and only then we call tell something. Pray that she gains consciousness by then.. Else.. Am sorry.
Tripthi : This all happened because of me.. If Swara didn’t save me.. She would have been here with us. Am sorry Maa.
Dadi : How are you responsible for her fall?
Tripthi : When I was coming down, I lost my balance and was about to fall, Swara pulled me up and in that she lost balance and fell.
Ragini : Bhabhi, chill.. All we can do is pray for her.

[Sanskar is broken ans he is sitting like a lifeless body and Arnav asks him to go and wake up His Shona.. Because she will listen to him. Sanskar goes in and speaks to his life who is on the hospital bed fighting for her life. When he speaks his heart out, he sees a slight movement in her and rushes to call the doctor. The doctor comes and asks him to go out and after checking, he comes out. Meanwhile Tripthi is taken to the OT for her delivery.]

Doctor : She is fine and out of danger. Here are some medicines, please bring them.
Ragini : (comes running from Tripthi’s room) I will get the medicines. Give.

[The doctor was awestruck by the beauty of Ragini. Tenses faced with a breath taking smile.. Open hairs that come up to her waist with puff hairstyle and curls at the end.. Those smoky black eyes, it looked like an angel has come down on the earth in a pink dress wit her bangles making sounds and those beautiful matching earrings and neck piece. The doctor could not take his eyes off and fell in love with those magical eyes of her. Much to the disappointment of his, he was pulled out from his dream land of his nameless lady love.]

Sanskar : Thank you Doctor.. Thank you.
Doctor : Its Laksh.. My Name Is Laksh.. Laksh Singhania. And I had to make your wife well. We have a close connection, but please don’t let her know about it.
Ragini : Maa, bhabhi gave birth to a girl. Sanskar Bhaiya, you became Chachu and I became Bua. Where is Tarun Maa?
Vandana : What Ragini, really? Oh My God.. I have become a grandmom.. Maa and Arnav are there itself. I will go.. No then who will be here? Tarun went for giving the file to Ritvik. (Laksh becomes disappointed thinking Ragini and Tarun are lovers or husband and wife.)
Ragini : Maa, once I get the medicines you go. Wait until then. Maa, this guy na.. He has become Chachu, but still is behind work.

[Ragini asks Laksh for the prescription, and shakes him. When she turns to go.]

Laksh : Ragini.. (all ars surprised, to avoid feeling awkward) Wait.. I will tell you about the medicines needed. Sanskar Congratulations dude.. Chachu right? I will be back. (He walks away with Ragini).. Yes so miss Ragini, these medicines will be available in the right side pharmacy of the hospital. And yes.. Congratulations.
Ragini : Thank you Doctor.
Laksh : I would prefer being called Laksh.. Doctor is formal.
Ragini : Sorry, its Doctor always.

[Ragini leaves to get the medicines, Laksh is lost in his world with his lady love and Sanskar is thinking about the relation which Laksh and Swara share. Dadi, Arnav and Vandana are all busy with the new member of the family.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Ragini, Laksh moments. Sanskar Swara Honeymoon.

{That’s it for today. Comments Welcomed. Take Care. Thank you}

Credits : HisPrincess

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