We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 4


? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode4

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
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************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

Important Note : The portion of Kapoor Villa, where Abhay and Tripthi stay will be named as “Abhay Kapoor Villa” here on. To avoid confusion. And dadi stays with them as she favours them a lot. And all her dialogues will be wit the name DADI, irrespective of the relationship she shares with anyone.

? …. KAPOOR FAMILY …. ? {Oberoi House from ISHQBAAZ}

Yesterday’s episode : Tarun and Abhay and Tripthi intro.

[The whole family spends time with Tarun. And there is happiness all over.]

A new bright morning in Kapoor Villa..

Vandana : Tarun Beta, now you won’t leave your MamiMa and go na? Your studies are over right?
Sanskar : Haan, Ma, his studies are over. Now he will join in our office. Hain na Papa?
Arnav : Sanskar, from office I remembered, show Shona, Laadoo and Tarun are office. Infact let all of us go. And all of you get ready, today we are going to office and there is some announcement I need to make. An important one.
Dadi : Laadoo, ask Abhay and Tripthi also to get ready. We all will leave together. And Vandana.. This daughter-in-law of yours..
Vandana : Maa, daughter.. She is my daughter.. My Shona.. And she will come with us. Now all of you go get ready. And Employees will come Maa, Arnav has already invited them all with their family. (looks towards Abhay and Tripthi) Right Arnav?

[All get ready and leave for the office.. “Peace Hotels”. As they enter the hotel, Swanak are welcomed and congratulated for their married life and Arnav and Vandana go and stand in the middle of the banquet hall of their hotel.]

Arnav : Good Morning Staff. As you all know that I invited you all with your families as I have to announce something really important. First of all Sorry to call you all here right in the morning. And yes the second announcement is..
Vandana : Arnav, tell now or it’s never.
Arnav : Okay, so people.. There was one employee of mine named Sanskar. That guy isn’t only my employee, but he is my son. I would want to introduce you all to him as my son. Sanskar Kapoor. And would want him to speak a few words.
Sanskar (comes near his parents and greets the staff) : Good Morning. I worked as an employee in this hotel. I never felt bad about it, because I had the amazing staff to work it and always be there for you. This staff has become my family now. If I wanted, I could have worked and ordered you as a boss and sat in my AC cabin, but there’s someone really special.. One of the most special person of my life, who said to know the pain of others, stay like them.. Live with them and be one among them, understand their pains.. Their needs.. Their dreams.. And I have lived the best of my life with you all. I never disclosed my identity because I didn’t want you all to think 10 times before speaking to me. And I want you all to know that even after knowing my true identity, I will always be your friend and your colleague first and please don’t throw me out of the beautiful bond you all share. And the person who told me about this is.. My best half.. My Soul.. My Wife.. My Swara..!!
Arnav : Okay, Okay, Okay.. Since now you spoke so much.. Let me break the news. So friends, today I am making Sanskar, my son as the CEO of Peace Hotels and we are opening a new branch in London, which will be taken care by our Legal Advisor’s son : Ritvik {it is played by Romi of YE HAI MOHABBATEIN – Aly Gony. No role}.
Sanskar : Papa, but how can I?
Vandana : Shona, come here and cut the ribbon of this cabin along with Sanskar.

[Swanak, cut the ribbon and step inside the cabin, all are over-whelmed and the staff is really happy to have such an amazing boss. All have their snacks and leave as it was a day off for them and the Kapoor’s reach back home. All through the announcements, Tripthi, Dadi were the one who hated Swara and Abhay though broken was really happy for his brother’s success.]

*************** Kapoor Villa *************

Vandana : Sanskar Swara, wait. Ragini go fet the Aarthi plate. I will do the aarti and remove all evil eyes from them. (after doing the aarti) Now come, the new CEO of Peace Hotels.
Dadi : Arnav, what is this? How could you do like this? Abhay is the Eldest child of this house.
Arnav : Maa, Don’t pull Abhay in this matter.
Dadi : Why, so that he suffers like any ordinary employee and Sanskar enjoys the rights of his elder brother?
Vandana : Maa, with a lot of thinking. Arnav has arrived at this decision. And Abhay’s place is not given to Sanskar and I know even Sanskar wouldn’t have agreed if Abhay’s place was given to him.
Dadi : Okay , I agree. But what about beong with Employees and things. How could my Sanskar do it? He sat with those people.
Sanskar : Dadima, what’s wrong in it? I worked with them like a common man. It helped me know their pain. I am glad that we share and will share a friendly relationship and not of boss and employee.
Dadi : But Sanskar, how could you stay with them. I know it is all because of this girl. She is an Orphan. She only thought you all this. She wants to separate you from us.
Swara : Dadima, it is nothing like that. I just wanted to…
Dadi : Shut up.. You just shut your mouth. I don’t want to talk to a characterless girl like you. Look at Tripthi, she has always kept this family as one.
Vandana : Maaaaaa (shouts).. Enough Maaa.. Enough.. Enough.. Don’t make me open my mouth.
Dadi : What will you tell? What will you open your mouth? A girl like her, without mother has nothing in her. She is just a roadside stuff. See how my daughter chose a perfect daughter-in-law for her son.
Vandana : Maaaaaaaa.. Stop it now. Whom are you supporting? Tripthi? That girl who snatched this house happiness? She is perfect? She? And what did didi do Maa?
Arnav : Vandana, stop it. It’s okay. Leave it don’t extend the talk.
Vandana : No Arnav.. I can’t keep quiet anymore.
Dadi : What will you speak haan? What?
Vandana : Maa, you asked me to give Abhay to didi, because she didn’t have any child. I gave her Maa.. I gave my son to her.. I didn’t want to give my son to anyone, but you said, so I gave. She bought him.. She did everything that she could. She even got him married, only for her wish and greed Maa. Tripthi is the daughter of the lady for whom Jijaji divorced Didi Ma. Didi wanted this house and the property on her name. She thought I would ask Arnav not to give it to her. But she never realised my feelings Maa. She got Abhay married without telling me. And what did your Tripthi do? She is so pure? So good? She wanted to kill Sanskar and Ragini Maa.. She wanted to kill them. Remember the day when we were going to the picnic Maa, Arnav and I with our family was i tat car and You, didi, Tripthi and Abhay in the other car. When we stopped on the way at that hotel for eating, i left my children in the car Maa, just because of you.
Dadi : I didn’t ask you to leave them.

Vandana : Yes, Maa You did and that was the biggest mistake of my life. Tripthi wanted to kill Sanskar and Ragini. My God’s Love, Ragini came out to eat ice-cream and Sanskar followed her as a good brother and that truck which banged the car and it flew uo in the air and burnt was planned by Tripthi and just because of her, I lost my child Ma.. I lost my Maithli.. I lost the child who made me a mother And still I forgave her knowing all this. (Vandana breaks into tears and Ragini, Swara and Tarun are shocked.)

Dadi : Tripthi didn’t do anything. Don’t blame her.
Vandana : She did it Maa. She wanted my children to die so that she could get all the property in her name. And Didi had a major share in it. She killed mt daughter. And still I let her stay here. Abhay chose her over me and I let him because I didn’t want you to break down. And Maa, when Tarun was born, I had the hope that Abhay would come back to me, but no he didn’t. Later after Didi passed away, I asked Arnav to send Tarun for studying abroad as he always dreamt of studying there. Maithli used to love Tarun like her own kid. Still your Tripthi did this. And I accepted Tarun as my son, even after knowing Didi’s truth. Why Maa? Did you ever think about it? No Maa, you always cared for her.. You never cared for me.
Arnav : You blame Swara no Maa, because she is an Orphan? Maa I also lived like an Orphan. After Bauji’s death, you only cared for Didi.. You never cared for me.. Why Maa.. This success, this fame.. This name.. I got just because of my staff whom you called a junk.. This Swara whom you hate is the reason why we are happy today Maaa. It was because of her that I am alive Maa. Remember 5 years back, I had a meeting and I came back home half way? I left the car there itself and rushed to the hospital taking a girl. She is the girl Maa. If she wouldn’t have come in front of the car that day, I would have been in the car and it had blasted. I would have died.
Swara : Papa, it was you who saved me.. It wasn’t my dream.
Vandana : Maa, that accident also had been made by Tripthi. She did it Maa.
Arnav : Yes, Maa she is the one who did it.
Ragini (breaking everyone’s trance) : Tarunnnn..Maa see na Tarun.. Tarun.. Speak.. Please speak to me..
Vandana, Arnav : Tarun Beta.. Listen..
Tarun : Nahi MamiMa, nahi MamaPa.. I don’t deserve the love you gave me. I am the son of the lady who killed your daughter. Who snatched your happiness.. I don’t deserve your love.. Why did you love me soo much? Why?
Vandana : Tarun.. Listen.. You are my son.. You are the son of this house.. The youngest son.. You are not at fault.
Tarun : No MamiMa.. I am responsible for this.. My mother is responsible for this.. I am having blood of your daughter’s killer.. I am going.. I am going away from you all. (stands up to go)
Vandana : Tarun.. Don’t leave your MamiMa.. Please.. Don’t leave your Maa.. I don’t want to lose my son again.. Please.. I beg you.

[The whole house is in a shock with the revelation of the truth and Tarun is in his room packing his stuff to leave forever]

Tomorrow’s Episode : 3 months Leap.. Raiskh First meeting.

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Credits : HisPrincess

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