We are One (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode 2


? We are One ? (Riaksh : Ragini, Laksh; Swanak : Swara, Sanskar) Episode2

Hello Friends. This is HisPrincess back with the story of Ragini, Laksh Swara, Sanskar. I don’t know how long will the Fan-Fction be. Hope you like it. Comments welcomed.
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************** ? We are One ? (Riaksh) (Swanak) *****************

? …. KAPOOR FAMILY …. ? {Oberoi House from ISHQBAAZ}

Yesterday’s episode : Intro of Kapoor Family. Moments of SwaRaKar.

(Sanskar : So Mrs. Swara Sanskar Kapoor, you are lucky to get a husband like me, who helps you and loves you so much. He learnt cooking for his college days but he is using it now to cook for his wife. So now I need a gift. He moves closer to her. [Ragini, comes and they move apart embarrassed])

Ragini : Oops, sorry. I guess I came at the wrong time. Sorry. Continue. Waise Sanskoo Bhaiya atleast lock the door before doing all this.
Sanskar : Ragini ki Bacchi.. (chases her) I will see you later and don’t call me that Sanskoo or else I will call you… (acts as thinking)
Swara : Ragamma.. You can call her Ragamma.
Sanskar : Wow, Shona I love you soo much. You gave me a proper name for doll. Ragamma.. Haan now I hear you calling that weird name, I will call you Ragamma and tell your friends also.
Ragini : Swara Bhabhi, not fair. You were in my team. Just because your husband helped you in cooking without your knowledge, you are favouring him. Go don’t talk. (She says and makes cute pout face.)

Vandana : (from the door) What, Sanskar, you helped Swara in cooking? How could you do this?
Arnav : Exactly, if Maa would have seen then? You know na already she has so many problems with Swara, still you did it.
Swara : Maa, Papa.. Woh I don’t know how to cook. There was never someone to teach me. Ragu also helped me. And sorry they took this risk without thinking about Dadima.
Arnav : Beta, it’s okay. He only helped you. But you know, I had ordered the food on your Maa’s Rasoi Rasam because she had burnt the food.

Vandana : Arnav, it was because of you that the food got burnt. Else it would have been tasty and everyone would be licking their fingers.
Ragini (winks at Sawnak) : But Maa, what did Papa do that you burnt the food?
Vandana : He was shouting my name and called me to the room and started romancing. If he didn’t do that then..
Arnav : Vandana.. That food was tasty? You call that tasty? How Can you call that tasty? There was no masala in it.
Ragini : Papa, then you should have tasted Bhabhiz actual handmade dish. When we were in PG, and I was down with fever, she went and made Ladies Finger. You know it looked like in the Ladies Finger Sabzi, all of them committed suicide. There was no salt, chilli nothing in it. And Bhaiya, Remember when the next day you had come and you ate that dal? That mix vegetable one? Oh God, it looked like all vegetables committed suicide, few were drowing and few were floating. But Maa, you know bhaiya ate it without complaining. Remember how Tripthi Bhabhi had made food?
Vandana : Ragini, let’s not speak about them. They aren’t a part of the family. I don’t want her to come here.
Swara : But Maa, why are you doing like this? What did Bhabhi do?
Arnav : She snatched away our happiness. She snatched away this house’s charm. (lightening the situation) Haan toh why didn’t Sanskar complain about the food?

Sanskar : Obviously yaar Doll, ek toh I want to see you and upon that I had not had anything and in the flight one coffee was costing Rs. 100 bucks.. And 1 burger Rs. 150..that would mean totally..

Swara : Sanskar, enough we know you are the topper. You need not start now.
Arnav : Ragini, then good only we didn’t have Shona’s handmade food. Vandana had made kheer. That kheer was like the rice have come for swimming and I think from that day only I have started being away from sugar, it looked like Sugar was telling milk and water ki “Jahan Tum, Wahan Hum” and it jumped inside. Trust me bacho, if anyone would have eaten that food na, they would have got me divorced right then and there. Especially if Didi would have…
Sanskar (handling the situation) : Papa, as they say history repeats. Here is the same reason why I didn’t let Shona cook.

Vandana : Oh ho, Shona haan? Can we also call you Shona, Swara? And Ragini what is this, why are you calling Swara Bhabhi? She is your best friend first.
Arnav : Vandana, looks like our princess has also found her prince charming. Look she is so into her phone and smiling like a 100 watt bulb. (He takes her phone away.)
Sanskar : Papa, now this bulb has become fuse. By the way, who is that whom you are texting?
Ragini : Papa, give my phone please.. Please. Sanskoo.. I won’t leave you. You called me Fuse Bulb na? And Papa, I was smiling because I have a surprise for you all. Especially for my Sanskoo Bhaiya.
Sanskar : Ragamma..
Arnav : Now what is this weird name?

Swara : Papa, woh Sanskar kept this name for his doll. Because she calls him Sanskoo.
Sanskar : Swara, not fair you only suggested this name for Doll.
Ragini : Waise Bhaiya, Swara only said ki Ragu, don’t you think you should call your brother by some weird name. I thought Sanky would be great. But she only asked me to keep name as Sanskoo.
Swara : Ragini, I told it as a joke. Why would I do so?
Arnav : Accha Baba.. Stop it all of you. And think ki how to make things fine among Maa and Swara. It is a serious matter.
Vandana : Arnav, time will do it. And they didn’t get married the way we wanted to. It was all of a sudden. First we will get them married properly with all rituals and everyone’s blessings and then we can decide for their patch up.

[While Vandana and Arnav are thinking about the situation in which the wedding happened. Ragini is busy with her phone and Swanak have a strong and passionate eye lock.]

Tomorrow’s Episode : Abhay and Tripthi’s intro and Dadi-Swara and family scenes. Ragini’s surprise.

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☺Credits : HisPrincess

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