? Lost Love ? (Ragini Sanskar) One Shot

? Lost Love ? (Ragini Sanskar) One Shot!

Sitting on the bank of the vast Hooghly River waiting for the sun to rise and bring a new day, I sit here trying to forget those amazing yet not so amazing dreams.. Those beautiful yet not so beautiful dreams.. Those hot, steamy but yet not so hot and steamy dreams.. That “Aww.. Made for each other couple”, “A Pair made in Heaven” all these words that keep ringing in my ear, came crashing down and my wait for the past 19 years 11 months 9 weeks 6 days 5 hours 4 minutes 2 seconds came all thumping down a few hours ago, when the passengers of London-Kolkata Flight stopped at my door step “Kapoor Villa”, with a surprise after a hectic traffic filled ride of an hour from the airport.


Shekhar (Sachin Tyagi) who was reading newspaper in the beautiful lawn of the Kapoor Villa broke his trance to the break sound of a White XUV which halted at his lavish bungalow’s black gates. This invited his attention because at morning 6, no one would come to his place without informing him. And then the gates open and he sees his beloved yet mischievous Saali (sister-in-law : Sujata Ram Maheshwari and her lovely family there). “Arre Sujata (Sonica Handa), Ram (Amar Sharma).. How come you people came without informing us? You should have at least told. I would have”
Sujata (Younger sister of Janki) : “Arre Jiju (Sachin Tyagi – Shekhar Kapoor), We came without informing because we didn’t want to trouble you.”
Dadi (Vineeta Malik – Mother of Shekhar, a widow) : “Arre How can you tell that you will trouble us? You have started talking a lot these days.” Catching her ears and making sure it doesn’t hurt her baby doll, because after all she has bought her up after her parents died in an accident, when Sujata had just started her schooling. Ram, Shekhar, Shomi and Sujata were siblings from another set of parents.. That was the only difference in them.. And love had been in their hearts always for each other.
Shekhar : “Haan Maa.. See she has started talking soo much. God knows how Ram bears her. Anyways come inside.” He says ignoring those angry glares and the cute pout face of his Saali Sahiba..

Ram (Childhood Friend of Shekhar and now husband of Sujata) : “Shekhar, You are right, I don’t know how I have beared her soo many years..” Receiving glares from the love of his life he side hugs her and shows her his tongue.. Copying her antics.
Dadi : Shekhar, you have gone mad. How can you ask them to come inside without taking their aarti? Laadoo beta come with the aarti plate.
Shomi (Pareenta Borthakur – Dutiful wife of Shekhar) : “Shekhar, Why are you troubling my baby sister? She has come after so many years and she hardly stays with us.”

Ram :” Don’t worry, Shomi.. This time it is forever and ever. We will stay here.”
Dadi : “Sanskar (Varun Kapoor – the only child of Ram and Sujata a 25 year old business man), Come here Beta. How are you?” Looking towards everyone, “He has grown up early Kya? Does he even remember us? He hardly came here after His Dada’s death”. Ram always regarded Dadi and Dada of Sanskar as his parents for hw was an orphan and Dad passed away about 10 years back and that is a long time.


Descending the stairs in a white elegant Anarkali and puffed hair with open and curled ends with white jhumkas and beautifully decorated smoky eyes with eye-liner and kajal and those pink u lips.. Came down a beautiful girl “Laadoo (Tejaswi Prakash – Ragini : a 20 year old Beautiful and loving only child of Kapoor Family)”, as called by her family, in her 20’s with Pooja Thal in her hand as asked by her Dadi.. As she was descending her heart knew who was there at the door right in the morning. And then she heard the name ‘Sanskar’, the name.. Which makes her heart beat soo loud that there are no need for dhols or drums when they start.. The name which she has always imagined and wanted to be called as her name after the most pious and respectable relation Marriage. Her eyes were waiting from past 10 years to see him in front of them and heart from past 19 years and what not to become his..

Breaking these thoughts of her.. Called her, her favourite and lovely Dadi who knew the state of her Grand-daughter as they never hid any secrets. “Laadoo come and get the Aarti plate.. I will do their Aarti and then you can enter.”
As Dadi took the plate in her hand, Sujata pulled forward a girl in her mid 20’s from behind her Ram and Sanskar, who wore a red saree with simple work and had opened her hair with a Mangalsutra around her neck, Sindoor on her forehead and a few ornaments on her. Putting down the curious unasked questions of her family. Sujata introduced her as Swara Sanskar Maheswari (Helly Shah – Sanskar’s love, modern in thoughts and dressing). The Pooja Thali was about to fall from Dadi’s hand when Ragini whose dreams crashed held it from the side and asked her Dadi to take their aarti and welcome them with true heart inside.


A few hours ago.. I was very happy to see Suji Maa and Ram Papa at the door and when Dadi specified the Sanskar for me, my happiness knew no bounds.. I was beyond happy to see my love.. And know that they would stay here for the rest of their lives.. Talking steps towards the main door from the lavish hall of Kapoor Villa, I cursed myself for being the interior designer for the big movie type hall and hated this because I was scared that while covering this distance my heart would anytime pounce out. As I reached there, and took the blessings.. I looked at Sanskar with all the love in my eyes and he just smiled and gave a hug. I withdrew myself from the hug and then came the most dreaded news.. Suji Maa pulled forward a girl of about 21 and introduced her as the wife of my love. Before Dadi could react or say anything, I caught hold of the Pooja Thal and asked Dadi to welcome them with a true heart.
My heart my dreams.. Everything were crumpled upon when the guy with whom I dreamt the best and worst days of my life had found his love and I then realised, I never mattered more than a sister cum best friend to him. I has then decided if Ragini Kapoor had love in her life, it would be for someone who loved her back.. And I left from the bank of Hoogly River to meet the prospective guy who my father said was the son of Mr. Durga Prasad Sharma : Laksh.

The End

Thank you all for reading and your comments are welcomed. First shot.. First Try are never perfect.

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    This was beautiful. Truly, beautiful. The simplicity and yet the depth it portrayed won me over. Loved it???

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