❤ SwaRagini❤ New fanfiction Episode 1


Hai friends.. Im Shree.. I wrote love after marriage fiction few parts.. Im here with new fan fiction of Swaragini.. I know many are writing about it.. But this is simple work from my side..
Swara and Ragini are sisters.. Laksh and Sanskar are brothers.. All are same as serial.. Pairs are SWASAN and RAGLAK.. I love them as themselves.. But no negatively in fiction.. Im really hate negatively..

Ragini and Swara are sleeping.. Sumi there mother comes to wake up.. They both smile hearing their mother.. Wink at each other.. Shift themselves .. Sumi wakes up Rag’s ..by pulling her blanket.. Swara wakes up and say mom first you wake up my elder sister first.. Sumi pulls other blanket.. See pillows in place of Rag’s… Swara smiles seeing her mom expression.. Rags comes and sleep with Swara.. Both are laughing.. Her mom takes water and tells im going to wake up you both with ice cold water.. Both scream… Say nooo mom…please it’s too cold here… They hug their mom and say my Sumi darling can’t you spend time with papa.. He loves you so much but you act as hitler… She holds their ears… They both screaming papa save us save us from hitler mom… Their papa comes there and say Sumi don’t torture my princesses.. They both hug him.. Mom and papa start arguing.. They both say we are feeling sleepy hearing you’re argument..please wake up after ending it mom.. They both go for sleeping.. Sumi gives them each.. Ask them to take bath and get ready.. Swaragini go to take bath.. Their parents go down…

After 1hr.. Dadi and dida.. Come inside home.. They hear screams from Swaragini room.. All go there.. See room is fully messed up with their clothes.. When Sekhar ask what happened? They say we have to attend party but these clothes are fit for nothing..everyone will think we don’t have fashion sense.. Sumi starts scolding them… Dadi and dida give their credit card and ask them to do shopping.. Swaragini hug them and wink at each other..go for shopping..

Precap: Swaragini enjoying party..

Please comment and tell whether I should continue this or not..

Credit to: Shree

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  1. interesting

  2. awesome yaar plsssss continue it…

  3. Nice introduction nd please make it long

  4. nyc

  5. Raglak n Swasan wowww?n btw gud start?

  6. nice dear

  7. Nice start. Swasan and raglak my fav.

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