♥i”ll DIE for you,i’ll BORN for you,i’ll LIVE for you!♥ shot-1

Hey Mr.god.. where are you.. you always playing with me.actually whatz happening to me..who is she??? Why she always come to my each and every dream.i cant bear this more.. i must meet a psycologist asap..

Psycologist,hey Mr abhi..world famous rockstar..come come sit… so whatz the matter to come here.
Abhi,actually dont know whatz happening docter.when i close my eyes a girl come to my mind.. and few insidents too.. some times it may becous stress.. but i want to get rid of this dreams.

Phyco,you are a rockstar na.so many shows and no enough rest.that can be the reason.but letz do a brainwash exersise.if there something serious ltz go beyond that..

Okey now close your eyes and consentrate on my words.. imagine the things that i say…

After few minutes abhi fell into deep sleep..but his mind is not..he did some exersise to reduse abhi’s stress.but abhi begings to scream by saying fuggy.
Phy thought for a while and enchanted abhi and took him to his previous birth..

Abhi in his last birth memmory..

Itz a nice paddy field.sunlight is warm and it seems to be like morning..
Songs of lil birds add more colour to the nature.. fuggy.. yes,her name is fuggy..she is sitting next to me.holding my hand.she is my beloved wife..this is our paddy field.she is carrying my baby in his woomb.symble of our love.. i kissed her forhead and said i love you pragya..
Her name is pragya and i kept he name as fuggy becouse she looks like a red ballon which is near to blast becoz she Had 8 month baby bump..

Abhi’s mind shifted to a another seen

I am with our entire family.my mom dad blessed me and my fuggy for fuggy’s pregnacy..pragya’s sis bulbu and her hsbnd purab also wished us.her mom and dad were also their.. we celebrate fuggy’s pragnacy..i was @ cloud nine and very proud that i am going to father and my cute fuggy is going tobe a mom..

Phy noted abhi’s expressions.he smile..and then crying.itz coz happy

Then suddnly abhis expressions becomes dull,sad and angry

Abhi’s mind shifted to a another seen..

Fuggy and i went to the temple to have blessing bcoz almost she is near her dilivary date. i prayed for my fuggy and my baby.

We came out from the temple and started my moterbike.i asked my fuggy to sit carefully if not it may hurt my unborn baby.. she sat behind and hold my weist and kept her head on my sholder.. thatz the one of most fav thing done by my fuggy..
Suddnly a lorry hit our bike.
(Abhi screams)

When i open my eyes i saw my fuggy is lying on a blood pool.. i shout loudly.but my voice didnt came out.i dont know why.. i saw a lady standing near us with wide smell.. i beg her to save my fuggy.. but she told you deserve this abhishek.you select pragya insted of me..yes itz me.i am tanu.i hired this lorry driver to kill you both.if you cant love me you cant love anyone else.. bye..
She left there..i saw my fuggy breathing in very difficulity.i cried thinking about her and my unborn baby.. i think my legs are broken.i cant stand.. i cant go to her.oh my god how can i save my fuggy.. i anyhow manage to go to her.i shake her sholder.. she opend hus eyes bit.. she strated to talk..
Abhi,u know i have no more time..promise me we are going to meet in next birth too. Pls..
I kissed her forhead which is wet with blood.yes i promise.next birth and every birth i am comming to you.i’ll love you. I am only your’s and your are only mine.it wont change. I kept my thumb with my own blood in her mang..
I sang a lullaby to my fuggy and i asked her to sleep.. she closed her eyes.. after few minutes i felt my heart beat is going to stop.

Abhi woke up..

Phyco.unbliveble abhi… itz amazing.now you have to complete your promise.i think your problem is already solved..
Abhi,yes docter thanq so much.i have no idea how i going to find her.but anyhow i”ll find my fuggy..

Abhi left the hospital and drive to the mm..he have to stop at colour light.once a begger came their and knoked the glass.abhi open it and gave him some money.then he blessed abhi and he told,beta today you are going to meet your pathni.

Abhi is bit confused becoz he didnt married yet.he froget it snd came to mm.. dadi is at living room.. she is looking for some photos..

Abhi,my sweety.. wht are you doing..

Dadi.. enough buttering..look at this beta..these are proposals for you.we have to go to their houses.and then you can select my bahu.

Abhi,arey dadi.. dont think this much.i’ve already selected your bahu
But till i am looking for her.

Dadi,i didn’t got..That..if you’ve already selected then how you are looking for her.any way take this 4tos with you..and select someone

Dadi throws few 4tos to the seat which abhi is sitting.mistakenly all were went here & there

Dadi.omg idiot.till you cant have a catch even.its good you became a rockstar without being cricketer.

Suddnly abhi saw one 4to which is familier to her.

A,my fuggy… how this is possible.she is here. Oh my god.. thank you so much..

(DAdi is looking at abhi with a great shok)
Abhi,dadi i want to meet her now itself.pls call her home.. i ll go there now.pls
Tell her mother that i need to talk with her..

Dadi talks to her mom and she told that her grandson will come their.her mom,sarala told that abhi is mostly welcome to here..

Dadi. Abhi beta your work is done. Now pls tell me whatz going on..

Abhi,i will explain everything dadi.. but let me go now.i will talk to you latter..takecare dadi..

Abhi reached to her house asap..
Sarala ma,come beta.. letz drink something na?
Abhi. No ma.. actually i want to talk with my fuggy..if you let me may i take her out for hour..

Sarala,fuggy mean?

Abhi,wo wo…not fuggy ma i mean your doughter.if we talk bit we can understand wether we are matching or not.

Sarala. Calm down beta.take pragya eith you but take care of her okey.wait i’ll call her.. pragya….
Abhi is hellshoked with that name.it mean she also get the same name as mine. Wow my fuggy is back with her name even.

Pragya came there with wearing a wight colour saree with gold colour boder.abhi rememberd their last birth.. the day that they went to temple.. she was wearing same looking saree.what a destiny..the frist day that we meet in this birth is remembering our lst birth last day.abhi is Mesmerizing after seeing pragya’s beuty.

A,hi pragya. Shall we go now.
P,okey but i need to come soon.
. Ma i am leaving bye…

Both of them were in car.. abhi broke the silance.

A,cant you remember me.
P,lil bit yaar… but i cant mention how i know you.. thatz what i am trying to mention.
Where we going now

Abhi,soon you will know…

Till stop the car near hospital they talk so many things about their life.. they becomes good friends.

Abhi,pragya come with me. Meet my consultan.Mr.Malhothra.

Phyco,omg abhi how did you find her What a miracle..

Abhi,pls dctr help her to remember our past..enchanted her..

Pragya,abhi whatz going on?which past you are talking..

A,sit here..
If you trust me pls close your eyes and follow what docter ask you to imagine….

Then pragya too saw the things that abhi saw on her mind..

She started cry like a kid..she cares abhis face ..
P,abhi thum??? My abishek is back.i cant belive this.. pragya gave a bone crushing hug to abhi..(slow motion) sanam ray in bg.

A,yes i am back fuggy.. i am back for your love..
Abhi kissed pragya’s forhead.

Pragya slowly touched her tummy with sad face and said our baby….

Abhi kept his finger on pragya’s lips.
A,dont worry fuggy.. lets make 10 babies..5 boys,5 girls
Pragya looks down with a cute smile..

Abhi lift her face from her chin..
A,you know what.. you troble me lot in my dreams…
P,then troubles are going to double now.i am here na.abhi you are really great..you protected your promise.,
abhi,i can do any thing for you fuggy. Not a one birth,in evry birth i’ll be with you.you are mine.i am yours..

Prayas’s eyes filled with tears and she wipes them on abh’s sholder..
A,are bad girl.. you’ve done this in our last birth too..in my everyshirt right side sholder is brown in colour.. you always wipes your face here only.. my noughty fuggy…

Pragys huggs him again and looked at his eyes.
P,i love you abhi . I will die for you.i will born for you i will live for you..this is my promise. you’ve promised that day with our own blood na.. now letz inform our parents and get marry soon.

A,okey fuggy…we are going to be together again .what a destiny..

Physologist.. may they live long and love long…

If love is pure it will last forever.even death cant separate them..if your love is true,it will be always with you….

Abhigya get married after few weeks and they got lil baby boy after one yr of their marrage.. they lived happily in their eveybirth as husbnd and wife.

soo sorry friends.. for not updating love from sky.. as i think your intersting for it is going down.so i wrote is os n love beyond death.. hope you”l enjoy this

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