IF HE IS WITH ME….. ♥ I WOULD BE ALWAYS IN LOVE ♥ ~ Twinj OS ~ by baby ~ Happy Bday Ramiee ♥

Happy birthday ramieeee……… 🙂 happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you…….

You are the best darlo always looking forward to everyone else’s happiness and on this day I want to look forward for your happiness and only you and you…… 🙂

May god bless you darling……♥♥♥♥♥♥

Well I should jaldi se write it as I don’t have much much time….. 🙂

Am nnot sharing you gift with anyone but just wishes for some girls jinko I wasn’t able to wish……..

Happy birthday ishu ♥♥♥♥♥

Happy birthday anyaali ♥

Happy birthday aakuu ♥

Happy birthday to all whose birthday’s came in month of june and july 🙂

Let’s go………..

Twinkle’s pov……♥

Fine, I will come with you to Amritsar I replied to kunj and his happiness knew no bounds…he turned around from the room and took out a paper and handed it to me…here you go!
I stood up realising that it was my ticket from new york to amritsar…..”you knew I would say YES to go with you”

He smirked and replied I knew you won’t be able to stay away from me..i smiled and he pulled me into a kiss….i laughed kissing him back….i pushed him and said I had to go..but he was admant I told him he had to win it and I challenge him but he said that I would be the one who will kiss him…….and I am TWINKLE TANEJA I never loose an me I wont I told him…..

We packed our stuff and it was finally our flight to amritsar…..i didn’t wanted to go back to that place but had to anyhow….my sad memories resides there….though my mom lives there but she never loved me…..

It was our flight and we took our seats…….kunj was putting his seat belt when an air hostess came and asked him that she could help her… I looked at kunj and told him if he dare to take her help…he nodded in no but the hostess wasn’t ready to stop I on the other side was getting angry and there the hostess handed him her phone number and told him to meet him at the back….it was enough I pushed her a bit and kissed kunj in front of her she looked at me and I smirked at her while her face was worth watching………hahahahahaa think guys…….. 🙂

After that nothing happended just kunj was still in shock and dilemma and had a creepy smile which was irritating me as he won the game……..he murmured JAL KUKDI and now he was getting on my nerves……..

Uhhhhh babaji mein bhii naa twinkle kya zaruat thi terko haan ho rahi thi mei jealous mann oh kar rha tha jutti phenk ke maru mein iss hostess ke huh…….bas back gayi voh iss punjab di sherni se nahi toh mene iski toh………

I turned on other side and slept and when I woke up I felt familiar warm breath on my cheek I smiled and turned to kunj and was looking at my sadu sarna seeing him sleep peacefully I felt that I got that peaceful sleep..I LOVE YOU KUNJ I whispered and heard a I LOVE YOU TOO TWINKLE…..i smiled seeing him reply to my confession in his sleep as well…….
We were sitting and I went to the flashback of us meeting each other………

After that when I came back to the actual world I had a smile playing on my lips when kunj pecked me on them….i made a cute pout and he told me to stop or else he won’t be able to control……I looked at him and we laughed……

Finally we reached amritsar and we breathed the love and power of our INDIA……..i felt soo energetic and all my travelling expense hahaha yahan bhi accountancy ohk sorry sorry all my tiredness vansihed off…….♥♥ I felt the air and finally holding each other’s hand we leftfor our houses…….i met mom and saw that she had tears of guilt and she hugged me tight……kunj once told me that we should forgive the people but never forget what they have done……I forgave mommy and she too hugged me and apologised I cried and finally forgave her but I don’t think I will forget what she did……but seriously I felt soo light as if a big burden was taken off from my heart……

Finally we told kunj’s parents and my maa and usha maa made both of us married

And thereafter, we happily lived with our two little twiniieesss……ramya and ananya…….♥

well i always knew IF HE IS WITH ME ♥ I WOULD BE ALWAYS IN LOVE ♥ cause if soemone else would be there maybe i would have never got to know the real meaning of Love……..kunj taught me what is love……thanku babji for giving me my sadu sarna…..

siyappa queen I heard ohhh god kunj and ramiee and aniee these three always together and three of them calls me siyappa queen huh….kunj came from behind suddenly and kissed me and told me to get ready as it was 18th birthday party of our daughters today..we both got ready and went downsatirs….and then had a family selfie…….♥

___________THE END___________

Love you all

Hope soo you all liked it……♥

Do comment guys 🙂

And am sorry but I wanted to clear something……

I seriously didn’t had any idea that it was my chance to write for the THINKING COMBO i was really excited and when I saw the final list of the people who had to post by order mine was after a name PARTICIPANT I asked who it was but at that time it wasn’t cleared I was waiting for some one to post the next chapter as I wasn’t even informed by anybody I was infact going to message you ammiee that when is the next person going to post but that never happened and here it was today you finally posted it……..well am happy and sad as well happy cause it was an amazing journey of season 1 and sad that you are hurt and maybe didn’t trusted me….sorry again I am really sorry……..

Good night………♥

Ramieeee enjoy and party hard…….♥

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  1. Presha

    Awesome epi….
    Loved it…
    Too good..
    Love u…
    Happy bday Ramya

    1. Presha

      But jaha Tak mujhe pata h Ramya ka bday 19 August ko h

      1. Baby

        yrrr misunderstanding darling…….
        shalini di ka status or mera dimaag I wrote it n posted it…….
        well glad dat issi bhane I posted…… 😉

      2. Presha

        Haa yeh to hai….
        Well try to post ur fs nd ff too…
        Love u

  2. Supriya18d

    Baby ….
    I missed u so much…..yaar…
    & ur ff also…..cm soon….luv u…
    and this one was awsm

    1. Baby

      thanks supu diii….. 🙂
      glad aapko achaa laga
      well congo congo for ur engagement
      dii surely jiju ki pic zaroor dikhana 🙂
      love you sis……. 🙂 🙂

  3. SidMin23

    Nice keep posting

    1. Baby

      thanks dear 🙂

  4. amazing episode super duper hit os dear amazing ……???????

    luv u

    1. Baby

      mahi thanks alottt……… 🙂 🙂
      love u too…… 🙂

  5. Ramya

    Baby I love you love you love you sooo sooo much yaar
    It’s so cute
    Mera B-Day nahi hai but jab mai yeh pad rahi thi I felt one today is my B-Day
    Yaar it’s so sweet and cute
    I loved it
    Mujhe twinj ke bachi bana di
    It was the best
    Now I’m sad but reading your os
    It made me smile like anything
    Thank you liting Up my mood sweetheart
    And you are the person who thinks of others happiness before your ones
    You are the best
    Love you alot
    Bohat sara
    Like more than this sky
    Love you muahhh
    Sorry late padne ke liye
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Baby

      ramieeeeee ♥
      nooo yrrr i love u more……♥
      n u r really d best d best d best ♥
      glad i was able to make u smile…….♥
      love u soooooooooooooooooooo mch ♥
      thanks 🙂 🙂

  6. Shalini15

    Baby hum dono ka to popat ho gaya ?????????????? advance mein b’day celebrate kar liya ??????????? sorry yaar bcz of me you got disturbed nd wrote this in your busy schedule?????????? but I don’t know ki mujhe misunderstanding hui hai ya nahi but main hamesha se yahi sochti thi ki it’s her b’day ??????????? Sorry….

    Nd OS was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Loved twinj scene nd their daughters are so good ???? loved it.
    Well I know you’ve left TU bcz of your studies so I won’t say ki post another story or next part of your ff… so whenever you get time post if you want????
    Love you lots ????????????

    1. Baby

      diduuu plsss aisaa mat kaho pata hai mereko aapke popat wali baat or os ki tareef walii baat ke lawa or kuch achaaa nhaii laga i mean to say is ur sorry………..hahahahaa achaa hai naa issi bhane atleast i posted something……. 🙂

      love u soooooooooooo mch diii……..♥

  7. Sameera

    Awwwwww yaar baby shoooooo Cuteee loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much hahahaha twinkle sooooooooooooooo funny and jealous ….jal kukdi ??????…
    Amazinggggg os loveddddddd it too much …each n every bit was just awesome ..
    Loved it ..
    Hahaha happy advanced wala bday Ramya …..and about thinkings combo baby koi Nahi season 2 likh Lena meri jaan …
    Love you ???????????????????????

    1. Ramya

      Thank you sam

  8. Nishuu

    Awesome baby

    1. Baby

      thanks alott nishu dii……♥
      lovey ya ♥

  9. Sameera

    Awwwwww yaar baby shoooooo Cuteee loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much hahahaha twinkle sooooooooooooooo funny and jealous ….jal kukdi ??????…
    Amazinggggg os loveddddddd it too much …each n every bit was just awesome ..
    Loved it …..
    And hahaha happy birthday Ramya ..chup chup wala ab ye din b har saal celebrate Karna …
    And baby about thinkings combo bhtt Badi locha create hogaya yaar koi Nahi S2 likh Lena aur apna jaadu chalana Jaan ..
    Love you ???????????????????????

    1. Baby

      hehehe thanks sooooooo much samiee…..♥
      sure i will write if i get a chance but tum donon itnaa achaa likhte ho ki merko zaruat hi nahi padegii…… 🙂
      love u alotttt dear ♥
      thanks for soooooooo mast wala cmnt hahhaaa ♥
      mei sab logo ka chup chup wla bday celebrate krti rehti hun bt haan meli galti nahi hoti ohkay hahahhaaa 🙂
      see ya ♥

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous

    1. Baby

      thanks alottt….♥
      ur one cmnt on everybody’s post means alotttt….♥
      love ya ♥

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